Lagom P100 vs Zerno Z1 for light and light-medium roasts

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#1: Post by HomeBarrister »

Currently have a Niche Zero and looking into flat burr grinders. I would keep the Niche but want something that is different (better?) for light and light-medium roasts. Looking to get more flavor notes out of some of these roasts. Between the Zerno Z1 (with SSP) and the P100, which would you pick and why? Would love to save the money if I wouldn't really be able to notice a difference.

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#2: Post by Jeff »

The 98 HUs are noticeably better than the 64 MPs in terms of flavor separation and smoothness for espresso from coffees like Tim Wendelboe filter and lighter. If that is the roast quality and range you're looking at, the 98 mm burrs are going to be a significant advantage. If you were considering something like 64 Cast v2s, then you're probably OK with a 64 mm grinder.

I have a LeverCraft Ultra, Bentwood, P64, and Lagom Mini Moonshine on my counter right now. Coffees this month are Mood Trap ("Prady"), Glitch, The Picky Chemist, Hydrangea, and Pair.


#3: Post by Corgo »

Curious as to why cast v2 would be good option for light roast. I did order a z1 with those burrs interestingly enough.


#4: Post by GorchT replying to Corgo »

I guess they are most likely better for something "leaning" into the medium roast spectrum. The 98mm Burrs make expceptionally bad tasting coffee from anything with roast flavours. With the really light roasts they work exceptionally well. I would decide it on which coffee you prefer. If you still want to taste coffee with notes of chocolate and nuts go for the 64. If you want flowers, berrys and fruit, then the 98mm burrs.
Furthermore, the Niche is "extremely" forgiving compared to 98mm burrs with grindsize and puck prep. This is something a lot of people ignore. Bad puck prep with 98mm burrs tastes horrible.

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#5: Post by Jeff »

I agree with GorchT. I found the Cast v2 burrs to be less revealing of what was available from the bean than 98 HU, 64 MP, and Bentwood burrs. As an example, Letty Bermudez (Manhattan roasted) has what I would describe as peach over a sophisticated milky sweetness, with a note of tea in the back when pulled on the 98 HUs and Bentwood. On the Cast v2s the tea note wasn't there and the sophistication of the sweetness had faded. For this coffee, that wasn't a benefit. For a coffee with undesirable roast bitterness or greens defects lurking at low levels, something like the Cast v2s might yield a more enjoyable cup.

HomeBarrister (original poster)

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I am keeping the Niche Zero to use for medium and dark roasts. It sounds like 98 mm HU have noticeable value over 64 mm SSP. If the p100 had better aesthetics, I would have less difficulty as it needs to match the kitchen aesthetic. Maybe holding out for another few months is the best option to see if more grinders hit the market.

Appreciate the comments and responses.


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Hmm I find myself mostly drinking light roast now. Wonder if I should ask zerno to switch from sweet cast v2 to MP.

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#8: Post by Jeff »

"Light" is relative. For me, Tim Wendelboe's current "filter" roast is at the darker edge of light.

The Cast v2 burrs are good burrs. They are "polite" in the cup as well as not terribly finicky getting there. They just aren't what I am looking for, using primarily coffees from European, Asian, and small-lot roasters that specialize in light roasts.

In my opinion, if you are drinking espresso with significant roast notes in it, the Cast v2 burrs do a good job of rendering the potential in the cup, balanced against revealing astringency or excessive (for me) bitterness. I would not go with the 64 MPs if you're drinking something in that category or darker.