Lagom P100 vs P64

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I imagine this must be addressed in some measure elsewhere but since I didn't see an explicit thread on it (did I miss it?), I figured it was fair game to create a dedicated one. Other than cost and space, what are the pros and cons of one over the other? Thanks.

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Here's a recent thread on the topic:

Option-O Lagom P64 or P100

I don't recall where I saw it, maybe on YouTube, where the reviewer was opining on a smidge more sweetness out of the P100. That's the one comparison point that stuck with me as I flipped thru the various review threads over time.


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I have both, a P64 with SSP HU burrs for more traditional style espresso and a P100 with SSP Brew burrs for filter and espresso/turbo shots from light roasted beans.

Apart from size, looks and pricing, here's what sets them apart to me:
  • Workflow on the P64 is great, but the P100 is even better in this regard.
    • Workflow on the P100 is so effortless. Put beans in, wait for the grinder to finish grinding and purging, flick the knocker, done. No notable retention whatsoever. The auto purge is really magical. Switching beans or grind size I don't feel like I need to purge or do anything else to make sure the grind will be what I'm after. The P64 on the other hand, I manually "purge" (set speed to max, turn on, palm taps) on every bean change. That purge always makes the P64 spit out some old grounds.
    • Also the P100 grinds really fast even on lower speed settings. Just a few seconds for 18g using an espresso setting on speed "3" whereas waiting for the P64 on a similar settings tends to annoy me because it feels so slow.
  • Burr choice:
    • Even though there's plenty of choice for burrs to fit in the P100 (SSP HU, LU, ULF, Cast, Brew, Mahlkönig, ...), from what I've read they're all really similar in that they focus on high clarity and are only suited for light roasted coffee. Also those 98mm burrs are quite expensive.
    • I feel there are more burr styles to choose from for the P64. SSP 64 MP or Brew v1 for high clarity, Mazzer for traditional style espresso, the new cast burrs that aim to emulate the LS, ... Trying different burr styles on the P64 is way cheaper as well.
To me the P100 is the better grinder. But only if you only want the style of coffee the available 98mm burrs are able to produce. I.e. high clarity espresso from light roasts as well as filter. And that's exactly what I use the P100 for.

Theoretically the P64 is more versatile because of burr choice. But practically you'd not be changing burrs constantly to switch brewing styles.

Everything else is pretty similar. Both grinders look and feel great, are easy to clean and worth the costs.

Can't go wrong with either as long as you know what style of coffee you like and choose the correct burrs for that style!
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What a great and helpful analysis!