Lagom Mini burr choice for V60 only.

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Thinking about a pour over only electric grinder. Lagom Mini is in consideration. Price point with the std. burrs is acceptable. Any real significant pros for upgrading to the larger burrs for pour over grind only?

Just checked their webpage. Taking pre-orders for mid-August dispatch. Noticing a trend for the grinders on the 'List". Have to or had to pre-order for future "dispatch".
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If pour over is all you want, why not consider the Fellow Ode? It's quite the notable performer when it comes to filter or pour-over brews. Aesthetically and functionally, I prefer the Lagom mini, but I brew mostly espresso and I was in search of something more portable.

If you are convinced on acquiring the Lagom Mini for v60, then I would wait a little longer until their "moonshine" burrs become available. The beta testers I have run into have all had good things to say about the burrs for filter use.

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Was considering the Ode, but after viewing the James Hoffman and The Real Sprometheus(TRS) review decided against it. Taste issues for lighter roasts was the big negative. Bit of a messy grinder. Needing to remove four screws to get access to discharge chute on the burr assembly to clean it out would be a routine pita. The need to remove additional screws to clean the burrs is another negative vs. the tool free maintenance of the Mini. The presenter at the TRS YTube video noted that the use of the SSP burrs improved, but not dramatically the cup. I wouldn't spend ~$200 on SSP burrs for a $300 grinder. More so now if the taste profile was not a significant improvement. He also did a taste comparison against the NicheZero set at a similar grind level. He preferred the NZ cup and gave his reasons why. Personally prefer the taste profile of conical over flat burrs.
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I have the mini with the standard 38mm burrs and think it does a wonderful job for V60 and aeropress. My understanding is that the larger obsidian burrs are better suited IF you want to occasionally use it for espresso or are focused on lighter filter roasts... (From the Option-O website but I want to say that was also mentioned in one of Kyle Roswell's videos or maybe Lance Hedrick's review?)
In any case, I gravitate towards the medium to dark roasts and think it works great with the standard burrs...


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Thanks! Probably will go with 38mm. NicheZero user for espresso. Plus I have the old Macap M7 sitting in storage for espresso backup. City to FC roasts depending on origin, phase of the Moon, and other no real good reasons. Single dose, minimal retention electric grinders make life much more pleasant.
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MCal2003 wrote:The presenter at the TRS YTube video noted that the use of the SSP burrs improved, but not dramatically the cup.
You picked one of few reviews with that opinion 8).
MCal2003 wrote:Any real significant pros for upgrading to the larger burrs for pour over grind only?
Most likely, yes. The larger burrs are interesting because they use a similar design to Comandante C40 (or more closely 1zpresso K that was heavily inspired by the C40).

I use the 38mm burrs in a hand grinder and they're fine, but not a match for the SSP brew burrs in my Ode at home or a friend's C40.


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Check out the video Lance Hedrick dropped today. He says there are stalling issues with light roasts on the Mini. That might not be an issue given the roast level you prefer, but it's something to consider.


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He had mentioned that in a previous video as well, but my understanding from his prior video was that the stalling was only when grinding light roast coffees for espresso... I have one of the first-generation mini's with the 38mm burrs (1st batch offered on their website) and have ground many "light-medium" roasts at a V60 setting with no stalling issues. My overall preference is for the medium to dark roasts, but at typical brew grind settings, I have had zero issues with lighter roasts.