La Spaziale S1 vs Bezzera Duo Top DE vs. ECM Elektronika Profi

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#1: Post by BobSaget »

Hi all,

I am in the market for a new machine and was hoping to use the wisdom of this forum to help me decide.

About 10 years ago I bought a Rancilio Silvia and a Mahlkonig Vario. I used it for several years and then got my hands on a Vibiemme Seplus (plumbed in E61 HX machine with rotary pump and electronic dosing). I enjoyed that machine a lot, but in my new house I cannot plumb it in. So I am back to the Silvia, and ready to upgrade both the machine and the grinder.

I make 3-5 cappuccinos a day, rarely espressos. My preference goes out to a double boiler. I really enjoyed the electronic dosing on the Seplus. I know it is not common in prosumer machines, nor very popular, but I liked the convenience. In addition, I prefer a rotary pump and quick steam.

So far I have shortlisted these three:

La spaziale s1. Ticks (almost) all boxes, and reviews are generally positive.
Bezzera duo top de. Ticks all boxes, I can live with the display, not so sure about the group though.
ECM elektronika profi. Would be a compromise because it is HX, but I like everything else about it.

Would love to hear any advice on these - or other - machines you may have. My budget is up to 4k, as long as it is value for money

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#2: Post by Doolittlej »

La Spaziale s1 only has a rotary pump on the plumbed version. The mini is the version with a water tank and it has a vibratory pump. I have loved my La Spaziale but I have the plumbed version. Have you considered running your Vibiemme off of a Flo Jet with a jug?

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#3: Post by BobSaget (original poster) »

Thank you for your reply, Doolittlej,

I considered a separate pump, but decided against it as a kitchen counter setup.

The rotary pump and quick steam are least important of my list.

From the La Spaziale website I gathered that the S1 Rossini, S1 Mini Vivaldi II, and the S1 DREAM-T all have a three liter tank, not yet sure which one I would prefer.

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#4: Post by michael »

Had a spazalie S1 for years; made some vg coffee and learned a lot on the how to side but I think there are better choices these days for more options on preinfusion and better temp control; a plumbed in machine is great but the 53mm thing will also limit your choices on baskets and other accessories 8)

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#5: Post by calmcoffee »

I don't have experience with all 3 so take my opinion with a giant grain of salt. I recently upgraded from a Crosslands CC1 (which I believe is broadly comparable to the Silvia) to a S1 Mini Vivaldi II, and its been a great experience. The 53 mm basket was initially a turn off, but I've had no trouble finding the accessories I wanted. Maybe others just want a lot more, I really only wanted a funnel, a tamper, bottomless PF, and better baskets. I wish mine were plumbed, but it just wasn't in the cards with my kitchen setup. The machine sounds to me like every other vibe machine.

Compared to the CC1, the temp is way more stable, as the group stays way warmer. I love the dual boiler aspect, no more waiting for steam, and the steaming process is much faster. I don't think I'd go back to a non-DB machine. There's a bunch of small yet important things as well compared to the CC1 I had... The pump kicks on AFTER steaming if at all possible so the steam stays better, the low water function let's me finish a shot but prevents me from running the tank dry, the build quality is way improved, the tank is easier to refill, the drip tray is better, the dual shower screens seem to be doing a good job of keeping coffee out of the internals, etc.

I struggled with Vivaldi vs Lucca vs Dream, but as silly as it sounds am glad every time I hit a real button to start the shot instead of a touch screen or a cheap feeling "modern" button. The S1Timer allows the machine to turn on fully when power is restored to it, the only real benefit the Dream has over the stock Vivaldi IMO.

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#6: Post by greenbeans »

I've had a LaSpaziale Dream T for about 3 years. This is the tank version. I have found the unit to be very reliable, have had no problems with it at all. It makes very good espresso. Our tap water here in Los Angeles triggered an alarm in the machine at first which when I contacted the seller found out the water was not balanced correctly as far as salt content was concerned. We have a reverse osmosis system so I started experimenting with mixtures of tap and RO water using an electronic tester and found that a 50-50 mixture was fine. Glad I have a tank version! Let me know if you have other questions. Very happy with the machine.

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#7: Post by PeetsFan »

What is it about the Bezzera group that's a problem? They give you two groups to choose from.

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Thanks Michael, Calmcoffee, and greenbeans for your info.

Regarding the Bezzera group: My understanding is that the manual version comes with an E61 group, but the electronic dosing version comes with Bezzera's own group. Does not need to be a problem, but I know next to nothing about this group.