La San Marco 85 Leva one group, what do you think?

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#1: Post by Nick111 »

Considering a new LSM 85 Leva one group for home use. It is 5lt ,2000W

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I have read most HB threads relating to the current production Levers .
I have not found any user info on the LSM 85Leva the machine itself.

I come from an NS Musica that I bought from over the net in 2014. Elektros (the italian dealer)was always there for all these years helping me fix my machine.
A trouble free operation is extremely important to my choice of machine and dealer.

I did consider the Bosco ,the Izzo ,the Pro.It came down to Bosco vs LSM (irrespective of the group differences).
Same price point with a Bosco Sorrento one group but plenty of LSM machines and service points in Greece.



#2: Post by LuckyMark »

As i understand it is similar to the Alex Leva, LSM group, 5l boiler and slightly more powerful heater in the 85. They are roughly similar price in my country and i preferred the look of the Alex. The 85 has a system to prevent the lever flying back, so you can let go and it will safely go back. Probably most useful in a busy cafe with a multi group machine. Good luck

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#3: Post by Nick111 »

thank you for your thoughts,indeed it has the safety mechanism.


#4: Post by espressotime »

I really dig the styling of the LSM.
To my knowledge it is a HX and the Izzo's are dippers.

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#5: Post by Nick111 »


I thought the 85 is a dipper
let me know if I am wrong because I am looking for a dipper .


#6: Post by mathof »

Looking at this schematic, it seems to be a dipper: ... ever-group

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#7: Post by Nick111 »


thanks for the link and the decoding.


#8: Post by LuckyMark »

Hi Nick, I was told by the sales staff the 85 was a dipper. I think it is a good machine (based on similarity to Izzo), based on support would have happily bought it instead of Izzo, but support is the same where I am so got the Izzo. In Australia the deep 55mm group is held in high regard, due to it's forgiving nature and good results in the cup.

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#9: Post by Nick111 »

Lucky Mark,
this was very helpful!!Thanks.

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#10: Post by TomC »

Nick111 wrote:espressotime,

I thought the 85 is a dipper
let me know if I am wrong because I am looking for a dipper .

San Marco 80 was a HX, even as a single group.

San Marco 85 Leva is a dipper, not available with a HX in a single group configuration.