La Marzocco Linea Mini maintenance issues

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#1: Post by bman0023 »

Hi All, I was watching a youtube video by Spromethius on his Linea Mini and the 4 year costs for maintenance and issues he had with the machine. I believe that he had to replace the vac breaker, pressure relief valve, check valve and steam valve.

I have not yet bought this machine yet, but this is a little concerning for me. I have had a Silvia for about 6 years, and QM Anita for like 12-13 and the only part I needed was a relief valve last month and I think it was only 20 bucks and took 5 mins to fix.

Has anyone had such issues with this or any LM machine? I would buy the LM brand and have no problem with paying for it, but I would expect it to perform well with little to no problems.



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Mine is between 3 and 4 yrs old. I am on my 4th vacuum breaker including the original. I now just by new o-rings and replace them after cleaning up the brass style breaker. I had 2 new style ones fail so those are not the answer. I also had the steam boiler short out. That was resolved under warranty. I love the performance and aesthetic of the machine, but like most Italian machinery, you sacrifice a bit of reliability for that, it seems. :D


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Had mine since August 2020. Only needed to replace vacuum breaker once (they sent me a nice one used in GS3 free of charge). Not have to but I replace group gasket to the Cafelat one. So not high maintenance in my case.

It's more about WANT to care for it, I have to resist the temptation to upgrade with gear pump mod ($1800 kit + time) a couple times already :)

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#4: Post by Jaroslav »

I follow the Preventative maintenance checklist and have had zero issues.

Parts are relatively cheap and easy to get, the machine is easy to work on and replacing high-wear parts preventively is not unusual for machines such as the Linea Mini.

You shouldn't expect any serious trouble (unless you literally break something and you're out of warranty). I had to replace the motherboard and heating element (both failed due to an unfortunate power surge in my house). I was sent the parts under warranty, delivered within 24h, and to be honest, I wouldn't have difficulties buying them if I couldn't get the parts for free, as they are really inexpensive. The vacuum breaker costs 20 Euro, gaskets/o-rings costs are negligible. I don't mind spending a few shillings every year on few parts that keep the machine running at the level it does fully operational 24/7. I've done all maintenance and repairs myself and I have to say, owning the Linea Mini is a joy. Even with occasional maintenance labor/cost.

I wouldn't call his experience an issue or a problem. Even a 20k machine will need your touch and attention from time to time.