La Marzocco Linea Mini, LM Micra or Quickmill Vetrano

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Hi All, I have Quickmill Anita, and now looking to upgrade to La Marzocco Linea Mini, LM Micra or QM Vetrano

My requirements that I like are:

Dependability and reliability.

Ease of fixing myself and parts availability. There is no one near me to do that and I really don't want to have it shipped somewhere for service and risk it getting damaged and I also do not want to pay a ton of cash for shipping.

Temp stability for consistent shots with no temp surfing. I'd sill like to make the best quality espresso that I can.

I definitely want a dual boiler with PID, quiet rotary pump and good steaming power. I do not drink much anymore, usually 2-4 on a weekend only, with occasional get togethers. Basically, I want something that is built to last and can make the best espresso and milk drinks that can be made.

I have never used any LM machines, but folks say they are the absolute best. QM has been very good to me and the Anita has been great. What are some thoughts on these machines? The Micra looks OK, but the whole using the App and plastic portafilter turns me off.

I like the quick start up time of the Micra and folks seem to really like it. I have thought of also getting a lightly used LM Mini and it seems to be built like a tank and probably built to last. Folks also comment that it is consistent and forgiving, kind of like fix it and forget it, once you get it all dialed in and make your drinks and it will be well.

The QM Vetrano looks awesome and I totally love the looks of it. My Anita has been great and I love the looks of it and she gets so many compliments. I do not know how Quick mill compares to LM and the overall quality of the espresso and longevity/durability. I am not sure it is best to buy an expensive machine just for the looks of it.

Open to any and all suggestions. I have a Mazzer SJ grinder


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I'm not sure I would recommend any one of them..
your choosing to fo your own servicing just might be more than you would expect in these commercial & semi-commercial espresso machines. Please share why you will not consider using a local service person.

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There is no one local. I called the nearest one to fix a pressure valve that cost me 15 and 5 minutes to fix and they quoted me 700 to come or about 350-400 and me to pay about 350 to have it shipped.

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I definitely want a dual boiler with PID, quiet rotary pump and good steaming power. I do not drink much anymore, usually 2-4 on a weekend only, with occasional get togethers. Basically, I want something that is built to last and can make the best espresso and milk drinks that can be made.
Isn't something like a Profitec Pro 700 or ECM Snynchronika a viable option? They are built well and easy to work on.


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If maintenance is the concern and you want the simplest to repair and maintain machine that still gives you excellent shots, consider a traditional dipper type spring lever like the izzo pompei or the bosco Sorrento. They don't have any electronics but are controlled by a pressuristat and have a single massive boiler. They don't use a pump but are powered by the lever springs. Relatively simple to use and maintain and tough and resilient to breaking down because they r so simple. And yet they give incredible tasting espresso and tremendous steaming power.
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I have the Micra and love it. Very forgiving to use, excellent output, built like a tank. I'm assuming you've read the review thread here by the resident experts. It has all sorts of info about the machine. I know it's easier to self-service than a Mini based on the internal layout of the parts, but I don't know that it makes it "easy" in the context you're looking for. I will say that the LM service infrastructure seems pretty robust. Lots of techs, though as you said not particularly inexpensive.


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Given how satisfied you are now and the low demands that you put on an espresso machine, what do you expect to gain by upgrading?

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I've had an old Quickmill Vetrano for many years, the heat exchanger rotary pump dedicated plumb in one. I recently 'upgraded' to a Bezzera Strega lever. Getting better espresso extraction with more control.

The e61 grouphead makes all machines using it very much the same, I find, in extraction potential. Add some extraction parameter controls and there's some improvement but the nature of an e61 is still there. The double boiler Quickmill Vetrano is a good machine but still an e61.

Go with a Linea Mini Connected and you've got a saturated grouphead instead of an e61. If I had deeper pockets and didn't like levers so much I'd have gone with that. Saturated grouphead temperature stability, extraction parameter controls, app connection option...sounds really good. For a bit less price and feature wise but the same saturated grouphead the Linea Micra. Solid machines from a manufacturer that's well established so parts and service should be available for the life of the machine. Machines that should satisfy the upgrade urge.
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ANITA is a solid machine; the Mini and the Micra will not give you significantly better shots than what you get from Anita if you are used to it and get the desired results. They will give you capacity, meaning you could run 10-20 drinks/shots without worrying about heat loss or steam power. You said 2-4 drinks on the weekend. I would not consider either LM for that kind of volume. If all you want to do is get away from the surf, I would say there are other options.

QM machines are no slouches; they are reliable and serviceable. I did have QM Sylvano and still do. I would consider that as a "dual boiler PID" machine (It has a thermo-block for steam and a boiler for the group head). That machine is more than enough for 2-4 weekend shots with milk, and you will get solid results and no surfing. I went to LMLM because I host an occasional brunch and need to pour more than the QMS could handle.

As a Mini owner, I highly recommend it; you won't be disappointed.

Good luck on the hunt.

bman0023 (original poster)

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Thanks to all who responded. I do have so e thinking to do. I think i am leaning towards the micra or mini. Anita is fine and i have time. I wonder if lm will make any updates next year with the micra? Like a regular pf with no plastic. I will be retiring in about a year and i will probably be having 6 to 8 drinks a day. Forgot to mention that. I will have to look for gently used ml minis too. Thanks for the responses and this helps me to clarify. It is hard when all i can do is read anout these machines as i have never seen them before.