La Marzocco Linea Mini alternative for coffee truck, 120 shots+/day 40+/hr

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Hi, I've been lurking for a while and first time posting. I run a coffee truck in London uk for the last 7 months. I use linea mini + mythos 1 and current volume is 100-120 shots/day and peak hour goes about 30+/hr. I use 2 scales + dosing cup + timer + occasionally 2nd portafilter to keep up the pace but my lease term is due renewal and I think I could do with an automatic machine, if the quality/performance isn't compromised.
I've been looking at e1prima from the beginning (then an attractive LMLM lease deal came through...) and there are new players like faema faemina, sanremo you... there's also gs3 av but it may take longer to pay back :shock: what would you choose kn my situation and if you could explain why.

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... anybody?

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Linea Classic S 1grp if you can afford it. It's on the pricier side, but that's what I'd go with. Otherwise a GS3 as you said.

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I'd be tempted by a two group lever. You won't get the ultimate in brew temperature stability, but they're compact, easy to maintain, demand less power, and can even be gas-powered.

From Ideal espresso machine for a mobile coffee cart

Imagine this but with only two groups... 8)
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Londinium L3 would be perfect - locally made and will give you a USP.

My favorite coffee cart in London when i lived there was the Sacred cart in Bloomsbury. I think they were using a 2 group Linea, and a Robur or similar with a doser. Not the best coffee that I've had, but the best I'd had at the time, and something i have a lot of nostalgia for...

A totally off the wall suggestion is to get a pair of decent de1 machines. Get an XL as a shot puller, and an XXL as a steamer. You get instant heat up, fantastic stability, and a highly tunable machine. You can have it so shots but weight, time, volume etc, and the results can be excellent. Since you can't steam and pull a shot at the same time, you will require a second machine, but probably cheaper than a LM 2 group.


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I'd move to the GS3 AV at your volume unless you see the potential for growth. You are still within the meat of a single group and wouldn't want to suggest stretching your budget too much for a business purchase/lease if you think service numbers will be steady. The AV will free up some mental capacity and time to do a few other things, so it will feel like a nice upgrade.

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thanks all for suggestions so far!
I have a tiny truck (piaggio ape) and I've set it up at the rear or the truck, so 2 group is not an option (even compact) also gas is not an option as I'm also at capacity with storage / weight the vehicle can carry. I wasn't aware linea classic S is available with 1group option, I'd enquire my supplier if it's available. I'm not sure what advantage it may have over GS3 though, does it have a bigger boiler capacity?
GS3 seems to have a bigger steam boiler than LMLM. For the peak time volume, I get queue up to 6 people I doubt it'll grow more than that.
I'm mainly concerned about linea mini operation for the employability - I've built the set up so I can work with it, but i think for a less experienced barista and who would likely care less than me, I feel like I could make things slightly easier.
I've read up more about E1Prima, but that doens't seem very reliable - I see more problems than happy buyers! I can't have 2 decents because of the space, and single boilier is just not workable. in London I sell 75% milk/alt milk drinks vs 25% black coffee. strong steaming is a must.

At this point I'm either staying with LMLM or GS3AV (or linea classic S single group, if it's available and has an edge over GS3AV for similar price range) depending on the availability and pricing. It's a shame I love the look and idea of E1Prima for nearly the same price as LMLM, but can't work with a machine breaking down all the time.

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The Classic S 1 group has a slightly larger brew boiler than the GS3 (1.8l vs 1.5l) and the same steam boiler as Linea Mini and GS3 (3.5l). I'd recommend the machine because it wouldn't take away from what you're used to, and it's built to be there for you as your business grows. From the user perspective, I see the Classic S 1 group as everything the Linea Mini should be when used commercially, mainly thanks to programmable doses and the same ergonomics. I feel like the steam wands and knobs on Lineas are positioned much nicer than on the GS3. It also looks better especially from the back, but that's just my opinion.


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I think the Linea Classic S AV is a strong choice. It is significantly more than the GS3AV (around double the cost of the LMLM), but I'm not privy to discount pricing so perhaps it is more lucrative through your vendor. The traditional layout of the Classic would be more user friendly and if you hire on someone with experience then they'd likely be more familiar with the Classic than a GS3.

Anyway congratulations on a seemingly successful cafe truck. Either machine will serve you well.