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Thanks for that picture. I just found out about the change in treatment of the X's. Previously, the "standard" X appears to have been bare cast aluminum sandblasted to an almost sandpapery texture. I hadn't seen a photo that really captures the significant alteration that this makes to their feel.

I liked the rough texture of the sandblasted aluminum, but I imagine this powder coating will be easier to clean.
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Any update on arrival time or other details on the 1-group Slayer from those of you who pre-ordered? I considered putting in a pre-order last June with expected production around September 2013 or later in the year. Now almost April 2014, with that significant of a delay I must admit I'm happy I didn't. Although locking in the pre-order price might still have been worth it depending on final pricing. Anyone know the reason for the delay? Any other updates to final specs?

Many thanks!

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Full production is supposed to start at the end of this month, with turnaround time being 10 weeks from initial start. Prices start at $8500, and the spec sheet is the same as the PDF that has been floating around for quite some time. Excerpt below...or you could email them at

Slayer 1 Group Features:
• Brew temperature controlled with customized Slayer-tuned advanced PID. Temperature is controllable from front display in increments of 0.1 C or F. Stable to 0.25C/0.5F. Baristas can select temperature to be displayed in C or F
• Steam pressure controlled with Pressure Transducer for extremely accurate control and faster recovery times while steaming. Settable pressure range of 1.0 to 2.0 Bar. Baristas can change pressure from the front display. With easily selectable pressure and our new selection of steam tips the Barista can easily tune their Slayer
• Pre-heat coil is wrapped around the steam tank to pre-heat water (to approximately 85-87C) before entering the brew tank to ensure stability of the brew water
• Hot water is dispensed from the right side actuator. Hot water comes from the steam tank and is restricted to
prevent sputtering
• Commercial brew group, steam valves, brew and steam actuators, portafilters, etc used within the Slayer 1 group
• New Slayer v3 Brew Group technology - no more mechanical valves
• New Slayer v3 Steam Valve actuators
• Fully saturated brew group with auto-bleed valve - no more air-gaps giving false temperature reading and pressure fluctuations
• Power management is used to pulse individual heating elements, allowing Slayer to have maximum wattage
elements while requiring a smaller circuit breaker. Baristas can choose either Brew Tank priority or Steam Tank
priority, depending on whether they are pulling shots in a lab environment or steaming milk based drinks in a popup cafe, restaurant, etc
• Brew and Steam elements can be disabled from the front display
• Built in dual shot timers for both Pre-brew and Brew times
• Brew pressure gauge, measuring pressure at the group head (same pressure readings as you'll get using a Scace)
• Pre-brew flow-rate manipulation via needle valve (same as Slayer commercial machines)
• Pump pressure provided by internal gear pump
• Barista can manipulate the following brew parameters from the front display:
• Pre-brew pressure (and flow rate via internal needle valve)
• Brew pressure
• Secondary Brew pressure (settable from 1-10 bars)
• Baristas can manipulate all customizable settings from glass touch panel display
• Stainless steel bayonet
• Slayer Shot-Mirror
• Non-Slip rubber feet prevent the machine from sliding when portafilter is engaged
• All metal construction
• Customizable body colors and wood species for all actuators and portafilter handles
Slayer 1 Group Specifications:
Dimensions: Width, body 39.4 cm
Width, foot to foot 46.5 cm
Depth, foot to foot 46.0 cm
Depth, foot to drip tray 54.6 cm
Height, top of rear panel 39.0 cm
Height, to of brew actuator 39.3 cm
Height, group head 13.0 cm (between drip tray and bottom of naked PF)
45.45 kg
Dual Boilers: Brew Tank 1.1 Liters, 600 watt heating element
Steam Tank 3.3 Liters, 1300 watt for 110v, 2000 watt for 220v
Pre-Heat Coil 60 ml
Pump: Internally mounted gear pump
Power: 110 volts, 15 amps or 220 volts, 10 amps
* Features and specifications may change, be added or modified when production begins