La Marzocco GS3 or Rocket R 9 or other?

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#1: Post by bryston »

I read ad much as I can, I need to upgrade my old rocket machine( 12 years old single boiler).
Does the R9 measure real volume or is time base, as I can see it display cc on the screen.
The r9 has more feature, I like that you can do timer for on/off twice daily, but it's new , long term reviews are lacking.
Gs3 been around longer, the paddle seem very tricky and somehow erratic.
Can some one help to decide between the two.

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#2: Post by d_leonit »

GS3 manual padle is great machine. But as you said, it missing some good feature from Rocket R9 one.
I own a GS33 MP (2020), and sometimes I miss the features like repetable volumetric and previously saved pressure profiling shoot. The GS3 MP is all mechanical and it is missing EP function of strada. Otherwise the GS3 is a great machine:timer to on and off machinev( 1x day), tea temperature modulation, good temperature stability, saturated group etc. But it depends on what is more important. if you wants something more than manual pressure profiling, than R9 one is for you.

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#3: Post by mel5582 »

I was also deciding between the GS3 and R91 but have since gone with the R91.

It's volumetric and time based, so dialing in your grind size is important vs flow control on the GS3.

I really like the repeatability of the R91 so far but it really depends on your preferences. Since I'm keeping my initial VBM with flow control, it's not really feasible for me to go with the GS3. Moreover, the R91's features should be compared to the Strada EP more so than the GS3.

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#4: Post by d_leonit »

It is practically the same as the R9, only everything is mechanical. GS3 use bypass end the excess of pressure drops in the drip tray (r9 use gear pump). The GS3 is not a flow profile. The flow through the nozzle is dependent on the inlet pressure which is understandable (same as R9).

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#5: Post by bryston (original poster) »

Hi, since am not decided yet, gs3/ R9, the slayer is more expensive option I am willing to consider but seems a lot of issue when I look at the older threads ( replacing pumps , leaks). I know they switched to rotary vane pump ( not geared, at least what I understood) any one with the newer version? Worrying about reliability..

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#6: Post by HB »

FYI, I merged your new thread into this one since they're both about the same purchase decision. It's easier to follow along if your thoughts are collected in one place versus spread out in several threads. You've been mulling this over for a long time! :lol:

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