La Marzocco GS3/MP vs. Strada 1 group EP

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I want to upgrade my espresso machine. After a research I have decided that I want to get a La Marzzocco.
I want to be able to control the pressure profile how I want. For example I want to be able to do a very long PI on almost zero pressure for about .45 bar, and then brew on 1.5-3bars for the rest of the time.
I spoke with a guy that has 3 group heads Strada MP and it was perfect. Unfortunately, La Marzzocco doesn't produce Strada MP with 1 group.
He told me that the EP isn't good if you want to do a long PI on a very low pressure, and it's harder to control the pressure like the MP.

Strada EP:
* Repeat your profiles
* The pressure profile is through the pump

* It seems that won't be able to get the control I want
* I've heard that if it's connected to the power line, you can't get less than 2-3 bars (depend your line's pressure) - is that true?

* Manual control, so I guess more control for me than the Strada EP(?)

* Pressure control is not with the pump, it's with the valve, so waste of water.
* Heard that it's harder to control the pressure than the Strada MP. I've heard that the new conical valve is better, but I still not sure.

I have seen some post about "GS3/mp strada mp mod kit" - what is that? it's for older gs3? It's the conical valve that's now included with the new GS3?
So what do you think guys? any thoughts?



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isbenny wrote:For example I want to be able to do a very long PI on almost zero pressure for about .45 bar, and then brew on 1.5-3bars for the rest of the time.
I love my La Marzocco, but for your stated goals, you'll be much less frustrated with a Decent. Spend the remainder of your budget on a top tier grinder and you'll be set for the best possible quality in the cup.


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Which LM do you have? Why do you think I'll be frustrated from GS3/MP for example?

Decent looks really cool but I don't want it because it's a new company and we don't know how it will last in few years, if the machines are reliable enough, and there are more..

Thanks you for the help!


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AFAIK, it is harder to repeat your shot on MP than on Decent.


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You may find it impossible or at least very challenging on most, if not all LMs (Leva?) to be able to achieve "zero flow" for something like Rao's blooming profile, or controlled, high-rate flow for something like the allonge. From your lead post, it sounds like that is the kind of explorations you're looking for.

It's not just the DE1's control, but the wealth of data that you get to provide insight into what happened during the shot that allows you to improve your extraction profile. It also unabashedly highlights weaknesses in your prep; a huge benefit in the journey even if it causes some moments of self-doubt and frustration.

There are already DE machines out there several years old, including in commercial settings, and their current production looks to be well over 1000 units a year now. If you have concerns about the DE1's reliability or longevity, DE responds to messages here as well as through their website. John tends to be very open about things, flattering to the DE product or not. Decent Espresso news for one view of this.


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From my corner of the world, LM Strada1EP costs 11600€
Whereas a DE1+ & a Titus Nautilus grinder & a Cormorant CR600 roaster in total cost 8800€

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Guy asks A or B? Every answer is C! C! C!

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This happens a lot! :lol:


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mgrayson wrote:Guy asks A or B? Every answer is C! C! C!
I think the reason in this case is the specific ask that was posted will most easily and repeatably be achieved with the Decent. In La Marzocco world, maybe also consider the new Leva.

But between the GS3 and the Strada, I'd say that the GS3 gives you most of what you want without as much financial risk. If you want to sell later, many people will be interested in a GS3 but less will have the means and space for a Strada.
For the price of the Strada you may be able to get a GS3 and a Decent or a Spring lever. Two complimentary machines could offer you huge scope for experimentation especially if one is a compact size ( Decent or Cremina SL are very small).