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BaristaBoy E61 wrote:Saturated group, volumetrics.
Of course, but I haven't seen anything to convince me that the saturated group is more temperature stable than the Mini's integrated group- though maybe it is at very high load?
Volumetrics would be a convenience but probably not worth a couple thousand dollars to most people in home use. To me the ruby gicleur might be another point for longevity and taste compared to stock LM. I know there is now also a new more durable vacuum breaker- but I feel like I'm grasping now. If taste in the cup was clearly better, that would be persuasive.


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Great tasting espresso will come out of both machines no doubt... they are both very capable of that. La Marzocco built these machines for two very different types of home baristas. The GS3 lines are built with the ability to have control over most/all variables when making espresso. The Linea Mini was built without much control of variables but for those who still want excellent espresso made from a well built/quality machine. If the specs are most important to you then the GS3 has more functionality then the Mini. If user experience is more important then you need to decide what kind of experience you are looking for... total control/tinkering vs a straightforward machine that tends to create a more "connected" feeling when pulling espresso. In my opinion when one is trying to decide on the GS3 vs Mini they should start by asking themselves what kind of experience do I want from my machine and then go from there.


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Get a Linea. You can always mod it down the line if you want to start playing around. There are two Slayer mods I know of (Grafikus, Rick Bond) and there's also the Rick Bond gear pump mod (which I have on order), which turns the LM into a Strada. The AV is nice if you want to pull a lot of shots and have them give the same dose, but I don't know if you can mod it down the line, and anyway you said your cabinet space won't take a GS3 MP. FYI, I am in the same boat, so for me it came down to Slayer or LMLM, and I went with the latter.

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Yeah- maybe this is the winning argument. The Linea can grow with you when your ready. It's hard for me to justify the GS3 if I only make 4 doubles a day and I like the looks of the Linea more.
I think I'll go for it.

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Or go directly to Specht Design and have them make a linea mini with a Rick Bond gear pump upgrade and you will have the end game machine you are looking for.