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another_jim wrote:Your first statement makes good sense; for a hobbyist, the process is at least as enjoyable as the outcome. Your second statement makes no sense; unless you're OK with an inflatable Slayer toy on your counter.
The second statement holds true for design fanatics (me). Aside from pulling shots and maintenance, I really only interact with my machine for a fraction of my usual day. For the rest of the time it's sitting idle, I would rather my machine double as an art piece or conversation starter, otherwise I would tuck it away into the laundry room.

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I can relate.

My old Rancilio S20 was literally in the laundry room (wired in to the back of the dryer for 220 and plumbed in to same cold water feed and drain as the washer) and that's where it belonged.

The GS/3, while nowhere near the visual statement of a Speedster nor a Mistral, looks beautifully at home in the kitchen and is never an eyesore.
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If I had a GTO, you better believe I would find a way to park it in my living room.


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I was in exactly the same decision dilemma as you are a few months ago.

Slayer, GS3, Speedster or Synesso.

I looked at all with exhaustive objectivity as well as the subjective PITA factor.

Slayer: where I live. No one services the machine. I would have to pack it up and literally drive it to Seattle for repairs
Speedster: Only 240V available in Canada. My complex will not allow rewiring for this
Synesso: The plumb only option is dumb. I prefer to make my own water This is where a reservoir is a must for me. Plus, I am not going to drill a hole into my $50k granite countertop for a coffee machine. That is the epitome, to me, of ridiculous.
GS3: my best option. After looking and looking at it. It really didn't offer massive jumps of improvement over what I currently run. Am I going to get 3X better espresso from the GS3? The real answer is no. Not even close. It would be like be buying $20k golf set thinking I am going to beat Tiger Woods with garage sale 9 iron. Just isn't going to happen.

Perhaps I am so used to the FC on the E61 that is creating a bias towards the GS3. The GS3 paddle initially looked really great for profiling. But as I watched more and more videos on people using it. It, again for me, looked more cumbersome and more finicky to use than an E61 FC.

Temperature stability is easily compensated with a PID which is available on everything but the lowest E61 models. Regardless of maker.

Along with getting a grinder that you are comfortable with and the excitement of refining and exploring your palette. You are good to go!


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cebseb wrote:If I had a GTO, you better believe I would find a way to park it in my living room.
I just got severe flashbacks of when my future brother in law and I were rummaging around the junkyard wayyyyyy back when (I was much younger than him also) looking for a wrecked 1970 GTO. The engine was unfortunately damaged but the heads were intact. So we spent who knows how long taking the heads off of this thing in the blazing summer a junkyard. Hauling them back to his car to bring home.

We, meaning I, then spent another who knows how long porting them.

We probably rebuilt three muscle cars together.

And that is why now I still love cars but don't like fixing them.