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Thanks for the comment!

Yeah, 40-45 seconds on a xxl felt a little slow. About 50 seconds to do a big jug for 2 16oz drinks. However, we use the XXXL and it steams milk for a 12oz drink right at 30 seconds. A big jug for 2 16oz drinks in about 40-45 seconds. The texture on the milk is remarkable, so it's hard to go back from it.

We've never had issues with wait times, or comments on it. We know the limitation is the steam, so you get faster in other areas to make up for it. A few extra seconds hasn't hindered anybodys experience. While we want to serve everyone as quick as we can, if I'm only focused on speed, then I think I've already lost.

We have a Niche zero and a Mahlkonig e65sgbw. We updose for 12 vs 16oz drinks as the decents allow us to modify the lever style shots we routinely make to lower the pressure exit to keep the shot consistent for updosing in the same basket. We use the Niche zero for decaf, turbos and filter 2.1. We did purchase the Timemore 078s to hopefully make better turbos.

I didn't know about any updated pricing. The costs when we started were so different, it felt like. But, yes, I would still choose decents. They handle all our pour -overs and London fogs/smogs and other teas as well. We try to make use of any roast style and find a good shot for it.

You do bring up a good point about the possibility of so much speciatly being lost on our customers. That is the case for a good majority of customers. Not everyone is tuned into the coffee scene. Most get a flavored latte of some sort and just want it to taste good.

Back to the cost. Even if the costs are comparable now between multiple de1s and other 2 or 3 group machines, I think the versatility of the de1s are just too great to match. You're never locked into anything and you can adjust for anything with these machines. You then have that capabikity on each machine to do something different. If your cafe is too busy with 2 or 3 de1s, then just get another one since it's not that much more expensive to get another one


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It will be interesting to see how many more cafe's adopt the bengle when decent releases it

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LondonBunny wrote:Get a commercially supplied serviced machine - if you want to appeal to the coffee geeks, go with a big commercial 2-3 group spring-lever machine (with a service contract). IME, customers are (naively) attracted to big shiny machines, not little black boxes - a big classic 2-3 group commercial lever machine always impresses.
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