"La Marzocco" 41mm tamper (for the Tidaka funnel)

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I have been using the Tidaka single shot kit for more than a year. The kit came with their tamper, funnel and basket. I replaced the basket with the La Marzocco 7gr filter and I have been using the kit in that way since.
The Tidaka tamper is 41mm on one end and 58mm on the other end. Weight is 847g, super heavy. Because of the shape and weight I have always found it very unbalanced. Recently, thanks to the fact that a member asked for my opinion, I decided to look around for a more classic type of tamper and eventually ordered one offered as a La Marzocco product. I'm not sure about the actual manufacturer, the tamper does not show any logo, however it is sold as a La Marzocco product. The label on the box says 58.5mm so I assume it's not the right box. Total price after discount and shipping, net of VAT, was about 25 Euro, and it arrived in few days. Available in four colors.

https://www.bluestarcoffee.eu/la-marzoc ... antid=5066

Lighter but not too light. Very comfortable in the hand. I have been using it for a week and I am very pleased with it. I thought about passing the information on to members who have the Tidaka funnel.

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