La Cimbali Junior

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#1: Post by Black-Wolf »

Hi all, long time lurker and first poster here,

I can get this machine for 250€. Do you think this a good deal? What kind of problems should I expect?

Do you think it will be difficult to bring it to its former glory, or the repairs could be so expensive that I would be better off buying something new? How does this compare to a modern machine? Is the portafilter 58mm?

(Update: the seller says it's in working condition, only missing the knobs on the front)


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#2: Post by bongani »

Wow... This is one of those "buy now, ask questions later" listings.

That machine, despite its age is one of the dark work horses of the coffee industry. It's easy to maintain and parts are plentiful from various sources.

Just do a quick search on this forum and others and you'll see how robust and unflinching that machine is. Good luck with the purchase, I hope that you buy it and enjoy the trip down the rabbit hole.

Black-Wolf (original poster)

#3: Post by Black-Wolf (original poster) »

I bought it. There's some more pictures in the restoration post: La Cimbali Junior/R - Restoration