Keep both espresso machines or sell Profitec Pro 700?

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#1: Post by Plinyyounger »

Just purchased a DE1+ since I'm away from home so much since my dad fell ill. I am super exited to use this thing and look forward to great coffee im used to Away from home that I get from the 700. The 700 is a monster, it works fantastic, steams like a beast etc. however the DE is suppose to great as well.

I have room for both, just never thought I'd want or need two machines. I definitely do not need two but should I keep two? Please send me your thoughts.

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#2: Post by Devin H »

Do what you want. It's your cash! But I'd assume most folks would hang on to both for a while and see which they end up gravitating towards. Then once you find that out, sell the other one.

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#3: Post by Plinyyounger » replying to Devin H »

True, I'm definitely going to hang on to both for a while like you suggest. I have received a pm from someone who has a DE with great info I was not aware of concerning keeping a DB machine. It was enlightening but without getting into details regarding the DE, they suggested I'll miss the coffee I'm currently making with the 700, great info and made me think.

Devin H

#4: Post by Devin H »

Interesting. Will be curious to hear your thoughts between the two if you share them. I've had a pro 700 for 6 years (still working like the day I bought it) but am curious to try a DE1 myself.

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#5: Post by N6GQ »

I have a similar conundrum. I have a Londinium R that I absolutely love and a La Pavoni that's nostalgic too. I also have a DE. I got the DE so that I could see if I was the type that did well with this sort of machine, and decided that I'd probably sell either the DE or the LR based on what I found more useful/enjoyable. Well, I think I've decided to sell the LR - while I absolutely love it, I haven't used it in a couple months and it sits on the counter taking up space. That statement has nothing to do with the LR, the quality of the shots, the joy of use, etc - all are top shelf. The DE just gives me some added flexibility that I have come to like, allowing me to modify the extraction to suit the particular roast that I'm doing at the time (I roast at home too). I feel I can match or exceed the quality of shots the LR puts out with the DE.

I'm still not 100% sure I want to sell the LR, but I would like to have some more counter space, so that's sort of the direction I'm going.

In your case, its similar to me - you should determine how much you use the 700 once the DE arrives. You may or may not like the DE. Seems people either love it or hate it. Personally, I really like it and its grown on me quite a lot since I first got it. It does speak a different language than a traditional espresso machine and if you're into traditional things then the DE may or may not be satisfying.

Pro 700 is a good machine, you'll have no problems selling it. You could take the money from the 700 sale and get yourself a small lever (La Pavoni, Olympia Cremina, etc) that will make good espresso, not take up a lot of space, and give you a VERY traditional experience. Or, just pocket the money, or take up roasting, or any number of other things. Enjoy the journey :)
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Randy G.

#6: Post by Randy G. »

I did a lot of research and will be buying a DE as soon as the house is finished (first foundation pour is TUESDAY!!! Finally!). There are only two or three negatives concerning the DE that I found:
1 - It doesn't sound like any other espresso machine because of the pumps' cycling.
2 - There is no cup warmer because it heats differently (and thus more efficiently).
3 - You can't brew and steam simultaneously.
The positives certainly outweigh the negatives, imo.
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#7: Post by tinman143 »

Sell the 700 once you fall in love with the DE


#8: Post by Jeff »

I will say that a DE can lead you down paths that don't produce great espresso due to its flexibility and overwhelming number of extraction options. If you're used to only having dose, grind, ratio, and maybe temperature as "knobs", it can be quite a change. Take a look here for the number of threads on "What should I do with my flow knob?" threads and you can extrapolate to the possible complexities. Thankfully there is an active owners' group that can provide guidance when you decide you're ready to explore.

My suggestion would be to stick with a couple pressure-driven profiles to start. I find Default and LRv2 as easy to dial in and at least as tasty as a very familiar E61 box.

Once you've got a feel for how the DE, your grinder, your baskets, and your coffees work together, exploring the unique capabilities with some of the "crazy" approaches open up new espresso experiences.

Yes, it looks, feels, and sounds very different from a classic, E61 or saturated-group machine.

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#9: Post by Plinyyounger »

Devin H wrote:Interesting. Will be curious to hear your thoughts between the two if you share them. I've had a pro 700 for 6 years (still working like the day I bought it) but am curious to try a DE1 myself.
I will most certainly write some thoughts and share them with you. It should be a fun experience!