Kaleido M6 v1 coffee roaster

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#1: Post by savagebrood »

Hey everyone! I'm currently in a bit of a decision-making bind and could really use your collective wisdom and experience. I have a Kleido M6 near me for pretty cheap.

I would hugely appreciate it if any of you who have used the Kaleido M6 version 1 could share your insights. How does it stack up in terms of performance, reliability, and overall value for money? Any notable pros or cons that you've encountered?

Your feedback could help me make a well-informed decision, and I'm all about making the best choice for that perfect roast!

Similarities (according to BARD)

Both roasters have a capacity of 200-700g
Both roasters feature an adjustable heat, fan speed, and drum speed
Both roasters have a carbon fiber infrared direct-fire heating system
Both roasters have a USB/Bluetooth connection for Artisan software support
Both roasters have temperature probes to monitor bean and environmental temperatures
Both roasters have an industrial-grade automatic cooling fan
Both roasters have an automatic chaff collection system

Differences (according to BARD)

M6 Pro V1 M6 Pro V2
Bean chamber Sealed Negative pressure sealed
Heating system Direct fire Direct fire with hot air circulation
Airflow control Manual Automated

So my question is: would you be happy with the V1 for a pretty steep discount or break the bank for the V2?

Thanks in advance for your help - this community always comes through and it's one of the many reasons I love being a part of it!

Cheers, and happy roasting!

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#2: Post by jannus »

I tend to argue take the bargain option. Whichever way it goes, you can always sell it without major loss, and it might do the trick as is for the first how long of roasting. If you really get into roasting, you can use it, pay the bargain forward to someone else, and buy whatever upgraded, larger system you've then grown into.