Kafatek MAX & MC6 or EG-1?

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I am looking for some opinions. I recently opened the following thread Grinder for pour over coffee? which once again put me in the rabbit hole. And I have opened a new thread, because I think the topic is a little bit different.

I am considering the following two options (I already have a Kafatek MAX):

Kafatek MAX & Kafatek MC6

My thoughts for those two grinders: I will have an "endgame" flat and conical grinder to experiment with. As we know, the taste for flat and conical grinders in general is different and "my preference" could be different when switching between different coffees - I assume there will be some coffees I prefer with the MAX and some with the MC6.

Additionally I would like to order the coarser flat burrs for the MAX to use for pour overs. But ... if I am realistic, switching between burrs will not happen on daily basis... it is still some effort to do it and I would need to dial in the coffee again and again.

But I also very much like the workflow, grinding directly in the portafilter.

Kafatek MAX & Weber EG-1

I will have two flat grinders, but the EG-1 "BASE burrs" are similar in the taste profile as conical burrs - at least this is what I have read in reviews... maybe someone can share some experience on this topic.
With this setup, I guess I would use the EG-1 for pour overs, since switching between burrs seems to be much easier.
I also really much like the optics of the EG-1 - which might not be the most important for some, but it is still important for me.

So... I would be very much interested in your opinion about those two options - what would you choose and why?

Thanks a lot :)

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You do know the LWW Ultra burrs are the ones you want for pourover? I'd use the MAX for espresso and put the Ultra burrs in an EG-1 for pourover. Even a lot of MAX users had to admit those 80mm Ultra burrs are just superb and you also have the option to buy the original Ditting Cast Lab Sweet burrs and put those in the EG-1. I do think the EG-1 is the best option for pourover.

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Any idea where to buy the original Ditting Cast Lab Sweet burrs? I've done some research online for the 807 LS 103993's but I am unsure if these are the correct ones and a reputable place to purchase them.

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Maybe start with the Ditting distributors in the US or ask Ditting in Swiss.

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Has anyone actually succeeded at putting the Sitting Lab Sweet burrs in an EG1? I saw several posts of people trying but none succeeding.

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They will fit the EG-1 just fine. I've seen multiple people use them in the EG-1.