ISO gooseneck kettle with base >= 6.5" for induction cooktop

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#1: Post by chococar »

I've searched and can't seem to find *any* gooseneck kettles that are compatible with my new induction cooktop. The smallest heating elements are 6.5" in diameter, so the flat base of the kettle needs to be at least this large. Does anyone know of such a kettle?



#2: Post by PaulTheRoaster »

I use an 8" induction element with a 6" Hario kettle and it boils very quickly.

chococar (original poster)

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Thanks Paul. That's good to know.

The manual for my induction cooktop says that the cooking element will not heat if the pan size is less than 5.5". It says that if it is less than 6", full power is not available.

I tried a 5" diameter pan and it does heat, but perhaps not at full power.

So I'm still looking for a gooseneck kettle with a base diameter of at least 6", preferably 6.5".



#4: Post by PaulTheRoaster »

FWIW mine is a GE and has a similar warning. I don't know if I get full power or not, but I can't dose and grind 20 g of coffee faster than it can boil ~ 400 ml of water.


#5: Post by Willhellm1 »

Hey Joe - were you able to find a gooseneck kettle with 6" base diameter? I'm in the same boat as you and are looking for one for my induction range but am having a lot of difficulty.



#6: Post by jedovaty »

The takahiro stainless kettle worked fine on a portable induction stove that I borrowed. Boiled water super fast and the handle was cool to touch, unlike on my gas stove. The portable induction stove, however, made so much fan noise I decided not to get one.