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leverendeavor wrote:I want to thank everyone in this thread for their valuable input. In a shocking turn of events, I decided a lever machine isn't For me right now. My main concern was with the cooling flush on the Strega, as a somewhat clumsy person I just didn't want to deal with being tired and accidentally smacking myself with that spring force.

I was lucky enough to come across a used quickmill QM67 at a great price on craigslist, and purchased that. I still have the flair pro to play around with pressure and time.

That said, we're it not for that the Strega would have been an easy choice.
Personally i think the concern of being hit by an uppercut by the lever is an overstated concern. After some time using a spring levet, an owner should have inculcated good habits to always stay out of line of the handle when it is cocked or to put one's hand resting gently on it when one is near, based on the old fashoned fear of waking up on your kitchen floor missing some teeth LOL No matter how tired yiu wre or just woken up, it is something u learn to do instinctively out of respect for the machine...

If your budget increases in the future, i would recommend the nurri leva. I have one and its the best espresso machine i have ever used - and tbis is coming from a former long time owner of an izzo pompei which is a highly respected traditional one group commercial spring lever. The nurri has twin paddles that can vent the grouphead and activate the preinfusion pump to flush the grouphead without needing to even touch the lever handle. And this is only the tip of the iceberg where it regards its full capabilities.

Anyway enjoy the quickmill. If u are like many leverheads, no pump machine will be enough after u have gotten used to the taste of a spring lever! :)
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