Is there a gold standard grinder that doses accurately by weight?

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I'm currently using a Linea Mini and a compak e10 single dose by time. Happy with everything, but it would make my morning minorly more efficient if there was a machine out there that accurately dosed to a 10th of a gram. Current process is pinching out excess and blipping the button if too little, as the compak varies by 1/2 a gram between doses.

I'm not up on the current state of grinders, but hoped tha such a thing would be developed since I bought the compak?

Is the Mythos Gravimetric still the best/only?


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charlesaf3 wrote:
Is the Mythos Gravimetric still the best/only?

Mahlkonig E65S GBW is probably the other one to look at.

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European Coffee Trip just did a sponsored review of the newest Mythos. In their test, 18 of 20 doses within 0.2/0.3g. Skip to 5:07 in the video below.

There is also the Mahlkoenig E65S GBW and E80S GBW (GBW=Grind By Weight). MK claims +/-0.1g for either grinder.

Note all these claims are in continuous café use.
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charlesaf3 (original poster)
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That's a little disappointing. .1 is ok, but I have noticed that grinders seem less accurate on those sorts of things for home use

Worse than reliable .1 and there's kind of no point to my mind. I'm normally accurate to better than that, and can taste the difference at .2

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I have wondered what the benefit of spending the money (as much as $3000 to $6000) on a sophisticated grinder to dose accurately when you have a mass of beans left it in from day to day. I can see the benefit of speed and accuracy in a commercial situation but it seems counter-intuitive in home use: Accurately dosing stale(ing) coffee beans that have spent days exposed to the air in order to speed the morning routine.
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Realize that a lot of beans are around 0.15g each and you can see how difficult it is, at speed, to get an exact amount through. It's also essentially impossible not to have some retention and/or exchange in a hopper fed grinder like this.

As noted above, that's going to need up your shots on a home users time line more than 0.2g shot to shot variation.

If you want accurate dosing and near zero exchange and retention you really should consider single dosing grinders.


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Randy G. wrote:I have wondered what the benefit of spending the money (as much as $3000 to $6000) on a sophisticated grinder to dose accurately when you have a mass of beans left it in from day to day. I can see
For households doing a reasonable volume this approach works well. We do around 6 coffees a day and maybe double that if we have visitors.

Fresh beans don't go stale in a day. In fact if you're home roasting and the beans are less than a week post roast, it can help to let them breathe a bit.

So you put 1-2 days worth in the hopper. 2 second purge before the first shot of the day and then you're good to go. Fast, accurate on demand grinder is ideal for this.


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I'd be curious about this too. If I'm being honest with myself I can't really taste the difference between 17.8g or 18.2g in and 35-36g out unless I was drinking back to back and even though probably marginal at best on my setup. Eliminating the weighing of the portafilter on my scale before and after would be worth it for me in a hopper fed grinder such as one of these.

I have zero desire or interest to single dose and I'd love an e65s gbw if it was accurate to within .2g. Unless something exceptional debuts in the next year I will be getting this grinder.


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My Sette is normally within .1g, but sometimes undershoots by .2g. I just tap the play button and it doses for a split second to make up the difference.

I'm not aware of anything inbetween the Sette 270wi and E65 gbw price-wise. I'd skip to the E80s gbw personally.

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My preference for dealing with this challenge would be a bean counter and single dosing.
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