Is naked-portafilter still in business?

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new here not to sure where to post this
I have been trying to order a pressure profiler from naked-portafilter online.
was not able to get a response over email and there is no phone number available.
I understand this site is a one man thing so I am wondering is it still in operation (the web site is still active)?
Does someone here know it?

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#2: Post by Jeff »

I got an Arrarex PF from Gábor in May of this year (2022).

I received great product and the service was without issue. It was about two weeks after I placed the order that we were able to connect on email to resolve a question around handle style. I received an invoice once we had agreed and the order proceeded.

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#3: Post by harris »

Still in business, heard from Gábor about a week ago. He does take his time responding but it's not life saving equipment he's selling just fun geek stuff and worth the wait.

jf_nh (original poster)

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Thanks for the information


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I didn't purchase anything recently, but I made several inquiries about parts and machine compatibility. Gabor responded to each inquiry. These all within the last 2 months.