Is MHW-3BOMBER Too Good To Be True?

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I apologize if this post wasn't posted in the right place; I wasn't sure where else to put it.


I have done limited research into this company, so I don't know much at all. Is this company worth buying from? Should I stay away? I'm unsure.

Longer Version:

Everything I say is just speculation on my end. I don't know much at all.

I'm currently working on figuring out a new espresso setup, as I've been wanting to move away from my cheap appliance setup. On my hunt on Amazon for a nice 58mm tamper, I came across this tamper. When I first saw it, I thought it was a knockoff Pullman Bigstep, as it has a similar design. (Which it kind of is, since it has a black rubber base, a wooden top, and claims to be 58.35 mm. The Only noticeable differences are that the top is not rounded and it doesn't have a black strip on the base.) But when I clicked on the reviews, I was shocked to find it had good legit reviews.

After I found the tamper, I decided to do some more digging into what they sell. Everything looks high-quality, and there's even some stuff I've never even seen before. Like their Puck Screen. The premise behind it is really unique; it has an almost IMS shower screen-looking top and a mesh bottom, not to mention its very thin. It's a very cool and innovative puck screen, and It's the only one I know of that looks like it.

There's also their 48-mm conical electric grinder that they sell. (MHW-3B Snipper) Build-wise, it's rather similar to the Varia VS3. However, according to Coffee Nerd Aaron on YouTube, MHW-3B has no correlation to Varia. As a grinder, though, it seems quite nice. It has magnets throughout, and it has "stepless" grind adjustment. (It says it is, but I'm skeptical.) It seems like an all-around nice grinder.

On AliExpress, they have an $850 Lever manual espresso machine on Pre-Order. (which resembles the Flair 58x in a way). They also announced a lever machine that resembles some of the expensive "big boy" lever machines. But I can't say much about these as they have very limited information on them.

The fact that a lot of products are cheaper alternatives to the expensive alternatives makes me believe this is a "Chifi" brand. (Brian Quan talks more about Chifi here.) It reminds me of the DF64. A Chinese company made the DF64, taking a spin on making a high-quality grinder but much cheaper. Everything I've seen from them screams Chifi. (Not to mention their address on their website is located in China.)

Is this company as good as it sounds? If so, is it worth buying from? Was I right about it being a Chifi brand? Let me know!

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I've gotten or used a few pieces from MHW-3BOMBER and I feel that they have been of good to very good quality. The leather-wrapped, gooseneck pouring pitcher was much better than I expected. The scale was reasonable for the price. Things like puck screens are hard to screw up. I can't comment on grinders or their forthcoming lever machine. In my opinion, they are a reasonable company. (In contrast, I wouldn't buy anything from Mischief.) I've purchased both through AliExpress as well as Amazon US.


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I have a blind tumbler that is similar in how it works to the weber magic tumbler and that is made of aluminium that they made which works quite well and has good fit and finish.
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Thanks! Glad to know its a good company to buy from!


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So far happy with their tamper mat (block), leveling tool (I use it after wdt on occasion), their espresso paper filter (58.4mm perfect for top paper), and frothing jug (excellent).,.. Only con to me is their judicious use of their logo all over which they really can go a little easier in my opinion and make it look classier. But good stuff for price so far.


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I bought their Dex and Bep filter baskets. They each have a unique design and I have had good results with them. I don't know about any other products but the baskets are great.