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I saw a post that said end of the yr. So depends how long people can wait imo

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Since 50% of the OPs drinks are milk based then I'm not sure if the Meticulous is the right call unless multiple units are wanted but clearing clutter was a part of the issue at hand. They've shown off the Meticulous Milk but with their latest update seems to still be in the design phase on that. They are still ironing out manufacturing/engineering problems at this point with the main machine. Timemore took 8months to manufacture and ship a grinder that is less complicated and had already been in production. So even if the OP decides this is the one then it won't be on the counter until next year likely for those that haven't preordered.

I feel like it will only be the right espresso machine for a very few amount of people that mainly like to tinker with recipes and highly enjoy the ritual. Pumping out a few drinks for friends or family doesn't sound fun nor does waiting for temp on both a kettle and the Meticulous in the morning.

I have a Decent and the amount of flexibility makes it the ideal home machine IMO. Plenty of controls to dive into but can also simply start up and pull a traditional shot within a few minutes. It is compact and steams milk great.

Decent also offers refurbished machines with warranty if the new price is a high hurdle. They also offer extended warranties on used machines if you buy one second hand. Plus you can have it on your counter much sooner. Something to think about.

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Honestly, i think a decent and niche zero would be great in this case. I've found that the coffee makes the biggest contribution to body, then the extraction profile, then the grinder, then tweaks like the baskets and headspace.

I drank a lot of milk drinks from my decent with - in many cases - thick and syrupy shots. Ristrettos from Italian Robusta based blends, Ethiopian naturals, comfort blends can all give great results. I've found either lever type shots or the 80s espresso profile for dark roasts to be best. Using a tapered basket and reducing headspace will give an additional small but noticable difference.

If you're trying to get a lot of body from a fruity light roast, then it's almost always impossible in my experience. If the coffee and grinder are right, then you should be able to get very decent results from a a DE1 and niche. If you're drinking a lot of milk drinks this will be far preferable to a machine that can't steam.