Is it ludicrous to consider a KVDW Spirit for home use?

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Hello HBers, I am intrigued by the KVDW Speedster and love its classic and eccentric styling. Not to mention, based on my light duty research many claim it to be in the top five (5) of single group home espresso machines. This would be strictly for home use, between my wife and I (kids are too young). The price jump to the Spirit is significant since it's a two group geared for cafe use but I really like the illuminated back panel option. The Speedster is much too small I assume hence it not having such an option. In addition, its teardrop shape just doesn't work with regards to illumination as well.

Now does anyone here use two or more group machines at home, assuming one has the space? Obviously it's completely overkill and bonkers but we do what we do as humans! As long as no one gets hurt in the process and money stimulates the economy right?! :lol:

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The upside is will look stunning and make great coffee. The downside is warmup time and electricity usage, though if it's well insulated, that hit might only happen during warm up. And you'll need a 220V outlet and a place to mount the external pump I believe it uses.

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Thank you for your insight. I'm of the "buy once cry once" camp and don't want to go down that path of upgrade-itis, switching between multiple machines.

The Speedster also requires 220/230V power right? How much warmup time are we talking about?

I'd have the external pump mounted below the countertop unless it has to be surface mounted alongside the machine?

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I have a two group La Marzocco Strada and it's definitely overkill for home use. The majority of the time, only one boiler is on. As for heating up, it's actually about the same as a typical prosumer espresso machine because it's 220V. All boilers are up to temperature in 9 minutes then it's a matter of stabilization.

IIRC, at the time I bought it, the cost of a high-end single group like the Speedster and the two group La Marzocco were about the same. La Marzocco prices have increased significantly since then; if I were mulling over the same decision today, there's no way I could talk myself into a two group Strada ($23K ?!!?). Were I to do it again, I would probably get a one group in my main bar area and a second smaller "remote" setup that's hands-on in the kitchen like the Olympia Cremina.
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They are meant to be mounted under the counter.

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I did have another thought you might consider, if you're willing to have 2 machines on the counter or a second one somewhere else, there are a number of small very fast heating machines that make great espresso. In my case it's a Decent which other than the portafilter warming up, is ready to go in under 3 minutes and I'm not sure that it actually matters if the portafilter is blazing hot.


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It looks like you can get it for a "discounted" price here: ... speedster/

It would look great in a shop. My parents paid less for their first house.

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The Speedster needs to be on for about an hour to be fully temp stable. If you are open to a 2 group why not Kee's new Idrocompresso?

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And I guess you should know that KVDW is at some level a custom shop and you might consider contacting them directly to see what your options might be. Maybe one lever and one standard group so you can have more options? Maybe wired so you can turn the groups on individually.


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I hear that LM US support is impressive! I'd buy a Leva X from them and get their warranty (even if the warranty period ends, they know what they're doing). Leva X is a brilliant design and nothing beats the lever action. Best thing about it is you can choose what peak pressure you'd like at the lowest setting and it adds 0.2-0.3 bars with each setting above it. I've settled on 6.5bars at the lowest setting cause I enjoy softer shots.

Ps, it's a very complicated machine and needs trained technicians to fix it but I imagine it's nothing to worry about if you're living in the US. (It's a nightmare for me here but will conquer that eventually, I refuse to settle for another machine after trying it).
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