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Check the usual listings and see what's offered that's commercial and may need "wrench time." See if you can find that model discussed on one of these boards, including maybe what's involved in restoration, parts availability and such. I found a commercial machine like that for a great price, checked out whether it might be worth getting by searching mentions about it online and am now restoring it. This one takes lots of work to restore, but it's worth doing because that machine in working order is very desirable, and I find the restoration process interesting in and of itself. See: Conti Prestina Restoration. A review of some of the other restorations being undertaken in the Espresso Machines forum will show you additional examples of making up for lack of money with sweat equity. :)

What I WOULD do for a good cup of coffee!


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It's going to be hard to beat the mypressi when it comes to bang for buck (for "real" espresso). You don't even really have to buy cartridges in huge bulk to get your gas cost down to around .10/shot (double).

I actually like using the mypressi because cleanup is cake and there are some things you don't have to worry about compared to having a machine.

Personally, I wouldn't consider any of the lower end machines over a mypressi...only other thing I would use is a much higher end lever or semi-auto which would be about 20 times the cost.
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peacecup wrote:Even with my lower-end equipment and limited experience, however, most espresso I make tastes better than almost all of the espresso I get at cafes. Even on a recent trip to Seattle, including Zokas and Stumptown, I did not taste anything better (to me) than what I make at home.
What lower end equipment specifically?


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bellman stovetop milk steamer - $75
mypressi twist - $150

$225 for the gear and ~ .10/shot (double) in gas... excellent espresso...

I'm in a similar boat to previous poster...better than anything I can get from local shops.

I would love an olympia cremina or a bezzera strega but I just can't afford it. :)
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