Inker now making Latte Art cups in different sizes and shapes

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#1: Post by CarefreeBuzzBuzz »

For those in the US, I am not aware of an Inker distributor. By far and away always been my favorite cup since I bought some from Chris King years ago.

iDrinkCoffee in Canada has 11 colors in various models and will ship to the US. Free shipping with min order. Sale today 12-8-21.

The Latte Art cups are wider and shallower for making Latte Art. They come in espresso, cap and latte sizes. (note the blue dot color is sold out in the two larger sizes).

Here is the full Inker brochure.

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#2: Post by spressomon »

I wanted a few more Inker cups, but not the latte art shape...and e-mailed Inker a couple times over the past couple of months w/o a response regarding where to purchase them.

Like you, I love my Inker cups!
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