Information on Crem One 2b?

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#1: Post by Naug »

Hi all!

This is my first post. I'm from Spain so please, excuse me if my English isn't good enough.
I'm new to this amazing 'coffee world'.
I would like to buy a good espresso machine, by now, I'm torn apart between Lelit Bianca and Crem One 2b.

I have found lots of information about the Bianca but about the Crem I could only find reviews by Dave Corby.
Does anyone own the Crem? Could anyone point the differences between both machines?

Which one would you choose?

TY in advance!


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#2: Post by Jeff »

Welcome Jose! Your English is very good, no need to worry.

The Crem One is, from what I have found, relatively new to the US. I haven't found it on any of the usual sites, though a call to Crem US indicated that WLL would be the eventual retailer.

I did find some links that might be of interest for others curious about this E61 DB that appears to have variable preinfusion and extraction profiling in its top-trim model. ... ifications

https://coffeeequipmentreviews.wordpres ... em-one-2b/

The Crem site shows Expobar as being one of their lines. Crem is being handled as a Welbilt brand in the US.

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#3: Post by SandraF »

I just saw a video from WLL about this new machine and it sounds wonderful. I will be buying my first 'prosumer" machine in the next month, and still have not decided.

Thoughts on this machine? Does anyone have one?

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#4: Post by crazyascarl »

I'm currently exploring the same options...

I was thinking that the Bianca was my leading candidate (sub 3k, rotary pump with a "smaller" footprint and liked the added bonus of pressure profiling) until I discovered the Crem One 2B R-LFPP today.

It appears as though WLL has the model down of the Crem One (GSP- no pressure profiling).

But short of a few blog postings, i can't seem to find much about the Crem line short of them being part of a merger of Expobar, which from my undrstanding made solid machines.

Anybody have any insight??

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#5: Post by another_jim »

You're talking about the latest series of Expobars, Crem is the manufacturer of this line along with some larger commercial machines. They have been making double boiler E61s for about 15 years, selling them through WLL, at a slightly lower price point than the Rocket and Profitec machines.

It looks like the model for flow control has a knob on the left side. Presumably it attaches to a needle valve that will regulate the pump flow. The Expobars have been solid machines over the years; but these are "catch up" models, since Lelit and Profitec already have flow control, double boilers out,
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#6: Post by crazyascarl »

another_jim wrote: but these are "catch up" models,
Right-- but isn't profile pressure the latest addition to pro-sumer machines? I would expect every company to play catch-up at some point in the next few years, no?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Expobar know for solid, well built (debatably not as attractive) machines?

I love the wood look and the small footprint (thanks to the removable reservoir) of the Bianca. Also like the updated OLED screen on the One, but when push comes to shove it's a balance of form, function and cost, right?

Form is always in the eye of the beholder.
Cost is basically a wash
Anybody have any insight into function?


#7: Post by pcivic »

What I was able to find is:

Possibility to do manual profile (not possible on vesuvius)

Ability to put profile from computer file (only prosumer machine with e61, like strada)

Ability to do automated profile (not possible with bianca, but possible ob Vesuvius)

Gear pump

Main components very similar to Expobar Brewtus (not necessary a bad thing, since I had it 6 year without any problems) with cooper boilers, but stainless steel boilers would be nice.

Design in my eyes unfortunately still not one of most important things to Expobar.

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#8: Post by harleyujoe »

Does any one on Forum have a Crem machine ???

Thoughts on quality build and espresso quality out of Crem ???

I see they mention 4 machines for Crem one 2b design

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#9: Post by HB »

Ref: ... presso/ONE
harleyujoe wrote:I see they mention 4 machines for Crem one 2b design
Hey Joe, since the question you posed in your thread is partially answered by this one, I took the liberty of merging them into a single thread. :) Those following this thread may wish to review Joe's related question/answers in ECM Synchronika pre fusion.
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#10: Post by harleyujoe »

thank you for finding that for me