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harleyujoe wrote:So have to ask why did you go with Infuser vs Profiler with only few hundred dollars difference ???
Let us know how you do on pre infusion issue and when you get new grinder the results
of making Espresso vs old Virtuoso..
I had to stop somewhere.. I started with a $1500 budget and kept going up and up for features I wanted. I much prefer dark roasts and can't stand sour, acidic espresso, so I was advised that I didn't really need a profiler. I may regret that decision, but I think this is going to be a good fit for me. Also, I wanted to be able to eventually plumb the machine. It's setup for plumbing which appealed to me. The Profiler is not plumbable.


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PeetsFan wrote:Try removing the AC power cord, wait five seconds, and plug it back in. See if pre-infusion works after that.
Nope. No dice. Thank you for the suggestion.


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PeetsFan wrote:Try removing the AC power cord, wait five seconds, and plug it back in. See if pre-infusion works after that.
NEVERMIND! User error! The pre-infusion is working fine. I just tried 30 secs gentle pre-infusion and it took 12 seconds for the first drop and 30 seconds to get to full 9-bar power. Shot was over in 36 seconds complete and it is delicious. :) Sorry for the misinformation. The menus on the Crem aren't particularly intuitive, so it takes awhile to really know them. My mistake.



#64: Post by harleyujoe » replying to blutch »

Good to hear and please over next few months let us know how you really fell about Crem..LOL


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I have spent a few days with my new Crem One Profiler. The fit and finish is really well done. I was concerned about it being made in china and the use of plastic but everything fits well together and is really attractive. The menu and barista knob takes a little getting used to but once you understand it is very easy. The machine came from WLL. I was expecting the start up as per their video on setup. It seems they may have done some testing and setup several preset profiles. When i turned the machine on it seems that it filled the brew boiler and then started heating up. Overall it was painless to get going. I tried their medium roast preset profile which starts out at low pressure and gradually increases pressure. Much better taste than with a straight 9 bar shot. I have tried several custom profiles and is really easy to do. The only issue i have is that when you have a quick ramp up in pressure it makes a slight noise. For example if you are running a straight 9 bar shot. You do not hear this running most profiles as they ramp up power gradually or if using GSP set around 15 seconds. In fact in most situations it is extremely quiet. I have opened a support ticket with WLL trying to understand what this is about. Overall at this point though i am real pleased with the machine.


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I had an Infuser and then the Profiler came out.
I returned the infuser and for a$200 have a lot more control.

Note about the infuser. Instructions say that when you set 15 that it takes 16 seconds to get to 8 bar,
Actually, it gets gets to 8 bar much faster. But it delays flow rate for about 20 seconds. If you listen closely and watch the pressure gauge, it will get to 8 bar in about 5 seconds. But, the sound of the pump keeps increasing until you hit 20 seconds.


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Mine doesn't do that. It doesn't go up to 9 bars until pre-infusion is done and it's a slow ramp up.


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Wait.. I take it back. That's exactly what happened when I watched the gauge carefully... Just under 8 bars to start and then the ramp up to 9. The machine sounds like a plane taking off. :)