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crazyascarl wrote: I just got off a chat with them...

"It is because every other Crem machine has the plumb line feed directly into the pump but the profiler plumbs in and feeds into the water reservoir. For this reason we are only recommending for customers to use it with the reservoir and we have reached out to Crem and they are going to be changing that on their site as well."

Apparently they are concerned that if something fails with the solenoid valve there could be extensive flooding and damage to the machine/room.

The rep I was talking with couldn't give a rationale for why Crem made this change for this model, but was going to pass my inquiry onto somebody else who should be getting back to me at some point.
So it sounds like it can be plumbed but they don't recommend it?

Capuchin Monk

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If not, maybe a float valve and some 1/2" tubes can make it "plumb-able".

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Capuchin Monk

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Looks like the plumb-in port is built-in. These video images show
From Crem One 2B R-LFPP review site (7:50):
From WLL video (3:12):