In search of a "good" brew grinder

Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.
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#1: Post by N6GQ »

I've done espresso-related coffee for many years and am quite happy with my current espresso set up (Londinium + MAX).

Lately I've started to go down the brew coffee rathole and at the moment brew with V60, Clever and Aeropress (as well as Moccamaster for larger quantities).

I have what I think are two acceptable brew grinders: An import ghost burr (knockoff of the Fuji) and a Lido ET hand grinder.

I really don't know where those two fit in the continuum of "good" brew grinders, but I'm looking for a suggestion for something that will make the grinder part of the equation "complete" - i.e. its a "Good" grinder and getting a better grinder won't improve the output significantly.

I've been reading about Commandante, Ode, etc. but don't really know where they all stack up next to each other in a dedicated brew scenario.

Manual or with motor, doesn't matter to me - I have the Lido if I want to go portable, I'm just looking for a good quality grind at this point.

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#2: Post by iBrew »

Both the Comandante and the Ode are amazing brew grinders, the Ode can be upgraded to SSP MP burrs, Gorilla burrs and SSP new Ditting burrs, it's hard not to recommend the Ode with all the great burr options. The stock burrs are great as well. Between the stock Ode and the Comandante they're similar in cup but the Ode has better clarity and a cleaner taste, Comandante has a more juicy fuller taste. Can't go wrong either way but the aftermarket burr options for the Ode is definitely a plus imo.


#3: Post by cmin »

Personally still use a steel burr aligned Vario I've had for years and years. Even side by side ssp Monolith Flat for V60 and pour over its like 90% of that performance for fraction of $. Forget ceramic Vario, it's literally unusable in that range, like laughably bad lol. Have a DF64, stock burr, better than ceramic Vario for V60 but the Vario still better for espresso, but Df64 stock burr isn't remotley near the steel burr Vario or SSP (way too many fines, very muddy bed and just passable V60).

There's the Ode as well. Not sure on hand grinders, I know their good but after having an HG1 and voodoo modded Pharos couldn't pay me to use a hand grinder again lol.


#4: Post by mikelipino »

There are a few other threads on the matter, but I think that access to the 64mm flat burr space (particularly the SSPs) gives you a good intersection of performance and price. You mentioned the Fuji clones, and Lance Hedrick had a recent video on the Fuji clones that can take SSPs. Punchline is that while they look the same, some Fuji clones might not have a motor capable of the increase torque required for SSPs.

I have SSP MP (Unimodal V2) on my DF64, and think it performs very well on V60, Clever, and Moccamaster bringing clarity, sparkling brightness, and increased extraction without bitterness that I cannot get on my other grinders (1ZPresso JX-Pro, Encore with M2s, Eureka Notte). A 64mm cast Ditting-style burr is also expected that year, so 64mm is very active.

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N6GQ (original poster)

#5: Post by N6GQ (original poster) »

Thanks guys - so it seems consensus is on the Fellow Ode as a great place to start.

I'll start looking into that, appreciate the feedback.

And ya, I did see the video on the various clones of the Fuji, interesting that his all were using traditional flat burrs, while mine has ghost burrs.

I don't have a lot to compare mine to, but in my very uneducated pallate the Lido seems to make more enjoyable coffee than the ghost burrs, but admittedly I'm sort of shooting in the dark with settings, small sample size of testing, etc.
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#6: Post by LewBK »

The Eureka Atom Pro is an excellent brew grinder.

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#7: Post by retireddude »

I've been quite happy with the output of a steel burr Vario for drip. I've been using it with a Moccamaster ... a nice combo.

The Baratza Forte (Big Brother to the Vario) is also supposed to be excellent for drip. I ran across a favorable review by Scott Rao a few years ago: ... -is-better

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Rice Bowl

#8: Post by Rice Bowl »

What burrs do you have in your MAX? What's stopping you from making pourover/immersion brews with your MAX?

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N6GQ (original poster)

#9: Post by N6GQ (original poster) »

I have the standard SSP HU burrs, don't want to go back and forth on grind settings - plus my espresso work is done at oke end of the house and my brews are typically done at another part...
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#10: Post by erik82 »

The Comandante will beat all manual grinders with the standard Italmill burrs (Kinu, Oe Lido etc.) by a fair amount. It'll also be right on par with the Vario with steel burrs. Having 64mm HU burrs will give a better result but great results will start at 80mm and above. It's kind of what quality you want and what the budget is.

You can also look into second hand shopgrinders like the Bunn and MK grinders.