In 2020, where does the Mazzer Mini E fit in?

Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.

#1: Post by okcomputer »

I've had a Mazzer Mini E for about 4 years (shot counter reads close to 4000 now). I always pre-measure the beans going in, and typically get a predictable +0/-0.2g out. My machine is an E61 (Quickmill Anita). I've noticed that I have much better performance (in terms of channeling) when I use a triple basket with 23g vs a double with 18g (VST).

After 10+ years with the Quickmill, I'm planning on moving on to a La Marzocco GS3. Going through the posts here, and I've noticed that the Mazzers are generally not discussed in the same conversation as high end grinders. What is generally the gap between a Mini E and the Titan class grinders ? Based on the posts I've read, the advice might be to get a Linea Mini or ECM and a Monolith with the left over (if a Monolith can be found), but the heart wants what it wants... :)
At the time of the machine upgrade, I think I'll upgrade to the Super Jolly (or SSP non-coated) burrs for the Mazzer. I'd like to hear any feedback on what I'm leaving on the table by not going to a better grinder.



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I'll be the first and certainly not the last who votes for a Niche Zero. Either that, or my favorite a EG-1. There are other great single dose grinders that will be mentioned after my comment.


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Probably the two biggest things that you would be leaving on the table are workflow and grind quality. I had a mini E for a while, so I am speaking from some experience with this. With regard to work flow, I was never a big fan of single dosing the mini E. You are probably much more of an expert than me with regard to that because I only had it for a few months. I always got frustrated with brushing out stray grinds and things like that. The little anti-static wire in the exit chute always frustrated me as well. With a Niche Zero (which is what I have now) or other dedicated single dose grinder, the workflow couldn't be simpler. There is no messing with it to try to dislodge all of the trapped grounds etc. For that matter, I also much prefer single dosing my E37S than the mini. In addition, I always had a much larger problem with channeling with my Mini E. With my Niche and E37S, I rarely ever get channeling. Granted, I was also much more inexperienced when I had the Mini, so that could be coloring some of my memories of it. I also can't comment on taste differences between the two because I got rid of the mini before I got the Niche or E37S, so I couldn't do a blind taste test, but I would imagine you would be missing some in that department as well. Don't get me wrong, the mini E is still a quality grinder, the other newer grinders just seem to be far better.

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As a fan of Mazzer grinders, I'll say this. The downfall of the mini-e is the price. For that kind of money you're approaching what used to be the top end of the price range for excellent grinders. Still the price tag of the mini e is too high for the grounds quality.

Looking at the higher end grinders, the fault is gonna be on workflow. The design hasn't changed much at all, so if you're gonna single dose, it's the bump and brush routine. Or you're gonna purge. Which on the flats isn't that terrible in my experience.

I've always said the Mazzer major is an often overlooked titan grinder. I owned two of them, an old one I brought back to life and a brand new circa 2012 model. Really really solid grinder. 83mm flat burrs, almost zero retention for single dosing with just a quick bump brush. Can't argue with it, it simply works very well. Yes it has a doser, yes it needs a quick bump brush. Yes it's big. So if you want a modern single dose grinder that will dispense your coffee into a perfect pile right into the pf, you'll need to look to something more modern. But in the cup I'll stand by my long held belief that the major is as titan as any other titan grinder.


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I used to own a standard mazzer mini (not the E). I understand they are pretty much the same in the cup. It was undeniably a reliable, well made grinder. However, I bought a pharos, and liked the results in the cup well enough that I sold the mazzer and put up with hand grinding for two years before I upgraded again and bought a monolith flat. Still own the pharos, but it lives at work now.

I'll echo the others and say that in today's world the Niche is the obvious choice in the Mazzer E price range. That said, you already have the mazzer, and the upgrade to super jolly burrs you proposed will be a pretty good and cheap update (they are drop in replacement for mazzer mini E, not so with regular mini), so that's worth considering.

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#6: Post by Nick111 »

I have no experience with the Mini or the Niche.Years back there where lots of Mazzers in coffee shops.
I liked the build quality of the Mazzers and the Mini in particular.So I would go for the SSP's.
But this is me and I like to extend the life of my machines.Then again, if your are not happy you can
always sell a Mini with SSP's.


#7: Post by okcomputer »

Thanks for the advice. I've been generally happy with the 'single shot' aspect of the grinder so far. The build quality and looks are great, so I really don't want to change the actual grinder.
I ordered and received the SSP "espresso" burr set. I installed it this afternoon, and I think it's going to take some time to get dialed in properly - getting some squirters on my triple shot basket (that used to be pretty easy with the original burrs). ok, back to it :)

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Great! Let us know when dialed in.

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#9: Post by sweaner »

Nate42 wrote:I used to own a standard mazzer mini (not the E). I understand they are pretty much the same in the cup.
Probably not true, as the Mini E has Super Jolly sized burrs! The Mini E with SSP burrs should be more than adequate.
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#10: Post by emradguy »

I'll agree with what's been said about the SSP burrs. They are a big step up in terms of cupping quality. I've got the Red Speed new geometry version in my Major, replacing the upgraded set I had purchased from Torr Toys. I noticed significant improvement in the flavor profile immediately.

I've also got the Niche, and have to say, the two grinders are pretty close in terms of cup quality...but hands down, the Nuche workflow is vastly superior.

My other electric grinder I last owned was a MACAP M4, said by many to be on par with the Mini (and you can look back in history at the reviews from way back when for verification if you want). In my personal opinion, MACAP has a better workflow than Mazzer, clears out grinds better, and is easier to adjust...but unfortunately it's hard to find their flagship grinders in the US (Easy to get the M4 and MC2, but I wouldn't recommend either in today's market.)