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#1: Post by ron231 »

I am a micro batch roaster, took a break for a few years after I moved out of the city and I'm starting up again now.

I want a grinder that I will use at home for both filter and espresso, I will use to do cuppings / demo for accounts, and occasionally use for the times when a customer insists on having a bag pre ground.

Given that I will occasionally need to grind a few pounds, the eg1 is out. Option-o says the p100 can do 6-8lbs at a time if allowed to cool afterwards, so that should be adequate. If I do go with the p100, I was probably going go get LU burrs.

The other two options are bentwood or lab sweet, but worried about excessive retention with lab sweet and hard to move if I ever wanted to go cater an event.



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The Titus Nimbus looks like a sweet all purpose grinder. There's no website, so have to check them out via IG or Facebook.


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If you are going to need to grind multiple pounds at a time a single dosing grinder would probably be a pain the butt. Another alternative would be a well aligned Mahlkonig EK43, which might be better suited for your needs being a commercial grinder. Can still use the same 98mm burrs.
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ron231 (original poster)

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I won't be doing that very often, and given how fast the p100 grinds, dumping beans in with a funnel will be fine.

EK has same excessive retention and size issues ad lab sweet, as well as no adjustable rpm.

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#5: Post by PIXIllate »

The Mahlkonig E80 is probably the grinder that most closely fits your requirements after an EK43. It's what Time Wendelboe and other high end shops use for pulling shots at cafe pace.

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Thats not even on the list, its a gbw espresso grinder.

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#7: Post by bostonbuzz »

Get the ditting. I watch videos of the latest batch of high end grinders and they take forever to grind. I have the KFA1203. Grinds in 1-2 seconds, beans bounce around so total is about 5 seconds for an espresso shot grind single dosing. It's way too heavy and big to transport, but the 804 should be fine and much more durable and faster than other grinders. I doubt it retains much more than any other grinder. The retention is more of a stick-to-the-burrs type than actually holding grinds and releasing them later.
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You'll likely be grinding bags for customers more than you think (or would like to) so keep that in mind.

I think your best options for your needs as a do-all grinder would be either the lab sweet or an EK43. I get retention may be a bit higher than something like a p100, but overall I think it would suit your use case better.

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#9: Post by Jeff »

Anything much bigger than the P100 isn't really portable. The P100 travels reasonably well in its crate. I'd consider that and a modest bulk grinder when you find that feeding a pound or five at a time into a single-dose grinder becomes an exercise in frustration.

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#10: Post by ron231 (original poster) replying to Jeff »

Given how fast it grinds, it won't be that bad.