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If you're not going to grind pounds when you travel, a Bunn in the garage and something reasonable on the counter might make a lot of sense. The Bunns are fast, bulletproof and not very expensive.
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I love my Mazzer Super Jolly's.

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If you are only going to grind a couple of pounds at a time, why are you ruling out an EG-1? I ask because when I got mine, I ran 1/2 lb increments through it to season the burrs. If memory serves I did most of it at 1,000 rpm grinding for espresso. I waited a couple of minutes between batches and did this for a total of 10 lbs during two evenings. The grinder never hiccuped.
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ron231 wrote:I am a micro batch roaster, took a break for a few years after I moved out of the city and I'm starting up again now.

I want a grinder that I will use at home for both filter and espresso, I will use to do cuppings / demo for accounts, and occasionally use for the times when a customer insists on having a bag pre ground.

Given that I will occasionally need to grind a few pounds, the eg1 is out. Option-o says the p100 can do 6-8lbs at a time if allowed to cool afterwards, so that should be adequate. If I do go with the p100, I was probably going go get LU burrs.

The other two options are bentwood or lab sweet, but worried about excessive retention with lab sweet and hard to move if I ever wanted to go cater an event.

How about the Titus nautilus or a well aligned ek43 with the titus burr carrier? If u need to grind a few pounds at a time from time to time, that may be out of even the p100's comfort zone. The ditting will also work functionally thoigh I'm not a fan of its looks.
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I may end up going that route