Iced capp ice machine?

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(Sorry if this isn't the right place to ask)

I'm looking for a machine to make the kind of ice used in a Tim Hortons iced capp, or Starbucks frappucino, so I can make delicious summer coffee drinks. Has anyone here done this, and can recommend something that actually makes the right ice texture?

I've tried blending ice cubes in a blender, but I always get a mix of too-fine particles that just melt really quickly and too-large particles that end up being crunchy in my drink. My iced capp just becomes ice chunk soup in a minute or two. I've been looking at various slushee or snow cone machines on Amazon that shave ice that you put in but the ice texture doesn't look right. Is one of those machines with a spiral mixer the only way to get proper iced capp texture? Can anyone recommend a small one that doesn't break the bank but still gets the texture right?



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What kind of blender do you have? Ideally you want one that crushes the ice very fine and quickly as to not add heat.

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Tyme (original poster)

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I have a decently powerful Ninja blender that does a much better job than cheaper blenders, but the ice quality still isn't slushee-like.


#4: Post by learncoffee »

Try to search for Korean Bingsu or Japanese Kakigori shaved ice machine. I have never tried those ice drinks from Tim Horton or Starbucks, so I do not know the texture of the ice.

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#5: Post by ira »

You might try making a slurry of ice and water and then draining the water through a strainer. Ice in margaritas comes out much more even than just ice alone. If there is not enough liquid you'll likely get that result. The only other choice seems to be Ice shavers which might be finer than what you want.



#6: Post by cgibsong002 »

Personally I'd try a Lewis bag before purchasing anything expensive. Basically just smashing ice in a bag. It works better than you think and is what a lot of bartenders use. Don't know exactly what texture you're going for but it's great for small ice chips.


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From what I understand you might need some sort of emulsifier/stabilizer like Xanthan gum to get the frappucino texture. Sorry I haven't tried one in years to compare but Andrew does seem to have good recipes. ... mochafrapp
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