Recommendations for espresso equipment buyers and upgraders.

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I live and work in SEA and a lot of things can get an increased market when sold locally but a local company seems to have imported a bunch of Iberital-IB7 (1 and 2 groups) and rebranded them (or stuck their logo on them). I don't have any experience with these machines if you know them what is your opinion of their use in a cafe for ease of use and workflow as well their quality.


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I had a Iberital Ladri 1 group at work for a while. It's a well built machine and a real work horse. Huge boiler. Plenty of space inside for maintenance.
Not many features except for volumetric. Quite simple machine.
Easy to service. Parts are standard, easy to source.

It's now working 24/7 at fire station where a friend of mine works. They love it. It's obviously very easy to use since none of them are baristas.

The IB7 seems like a similar machine. The 1 group would be great for a low volume cafe or an office. For something busier, I'd want a 2 group or a double boiler / PID for shorter rebound times and better temperature consistency.

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It's an HX and the entire line has only single boilers. it seems to be able to brew and steam at the same time with no difficulties. I can get the single for about $15,000 USD (exchanged rate) and for what it is it's about one of the cheaper units at this price point that I can get locally. I'm looking to use it for a "leasing to own" type system for small cafes, the single or the double. Although it says it's a small machine it's still not the smallest for some of the places I'm looking at servicing and for them maybe the expobar office line is better for their small footprint.

the same company offers a white-labelled Cunill brazil but I'm not so sold on that one. The cost of it is really cheap at 300 USD. I'm trying to weight out if an under 2K USD package set is what I should be aiming at or not for these cafes.


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Isn't it cheaper to find something in Australia and have it shipped to Indonesia? Or maybe even China or Europe?

If you can find a tech service or even better, if you're handy, why not look at a used machine?
Wouldn't a simple double boiler or even a 2-3 group HX cost way less on eBay?
What about a commercial lever? Maintenance is as easy as it gets...

Just a thought...
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I know, it's expensive. It's not cheaper to carry a new one on the plane with you too (or export) because, as soon as it enters you're going to be paying more in taxes than you would if you just bought it locally. Breville dual boiler new is about $2500 USD, in Australia it's like $500 USD which is just ridiculous.

You might be able to get away with a smaller one that can fit in a suitcase but even then you are technically are suppose to claim them (then pay taxes). I'm developing a business model around locally purchased units and scamming systems like sneaking them on a plane to me is not sustainable. If it were for personal use that's fine but I can't develope a business model around smuggling in espresso machines. Unfortunately, the price is what it is.


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I think you misunderstand me. I'm in no way suggesting that you smuggle in anything.
What I'm saying is that by considering something on the used market, abroad obviously since the Indonesian market seems quite limited, you could have a wider spectrum of options (saturated group, double boilers, vintage levers, etc.) for a similar price (or maybe less) of what you're going to pay for the simple HX Iberital.

You're not sneaking a machine on a plane if it's declared and you pay the local taxes and duties, even if it comes from Australia. I fail to see how this is a scam. It's legal and quite common in the espresso machine world.

If you want to support the local vendor, then go for it. I shared my own experience with a similar Iberital machine in my first post.
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