I need help to find a espresso grinder pls!

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Hello! I just bought a LaRocca Alin coffee maker for home use (espresso only), and I'm looking for a grinder. I've been thinking about these alternatives:

HeyCafe HC-600, https://www.heycafe.com/system/files/He ... tsheet.pdf

HeyCafe Titan II, https://www.heycafe.com/system/files/He ... tsheet.pdf

Eureka Zenith 65 Neo, https://www.eureka.co.it/en/catalogo/pr ... /1/41.aspx

Cunill Tranquilo Tron, https://www.cunill.com/cafe/detalle_pro ... 4U5HuyZO3I

I would appreciate if you could recommend which one is better, or comments on which one to choose!
Thank you very much

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Would you let us know a bit about your tastes in espresso? What is your budget? Do you plan on changing coffees or grind settings often?

That's an interesting list. I don't think I'd recommend any of those against options available in the US.

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It is mainly to learn how to prepare espresso and cappuccino. Those are grinders that are used and are quite cheap. I live in Chile and those are the only ones available to buy. (I'm sorry, but my English is not very good) thank you very much!

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I'dont plan changing coffee or grind setting


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It looks like you have very limited options. If these are used, you might want to consider their use history, like were these used in a home or commercial setting. If there were used in businesses, were those busy cafés or something like a restaurant that would occasionally serve coffee? Given your location, you should consider availability of parts and service.

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Hi! Thanks for u answer. The use of the grinder is only home and the grinder are new.


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I do not have any direct experience with the grinders that you listed.

I would also look for a Mazzer Super Jolly or a Eureka Atom 75. The Super Jolly is a well-respected grinder that it looks like may have inspired the HC-600. Hey Cafe is a Hemro brand. While it may not be as sturdy as their Mahlkonig or Ditting grinders, it at least comes from a parent company that understands grinders. Eureka grinders are also well respected here.

The Cunill is "light duty" and only has 60 mm burrs. I would not pick that one because of concerns over how well it survived in a commercial setting and its burrs. I am guessing, with no proof, that the burrs are not as good as the 64 mm burrs in the Super Jolly or Hey Cafe machines, or those in the mid- and upper-range Eureka grinders.

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How much are these options costing you in usd? Buying a Chinese grinder off aliexpress may not be ideal, but it might be an alternative to consider depending on if currency conversion, duties etc balloon the cost of more traditional choices.