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ira wrote:Assuming you built the grinder, it would seem you're quite handy. You might also consider shopping for a used machine. Most espresso machines are easily repaired and maintained.
no, I do not want a used machine here. It is a good possibility to find a problems on my head
repaired machine at home is not for me
I bought Silvia used in USA in 2015 and never do anything with it until today
it is working perfectly like in the first day

this grinder was build by one man in Ukraine who build a hand grinder like an experiment
and it was really good

but firstly i wanted to by a grinder for home
and i can't find any interesting on the market before
all what i wanted is big burrs and to have a possibility to put, for example, 16 gr and receive 16 gr. always
not 15,5 not 16,5

and i do not want lever machine. Only classical one or two boilers espresso machines

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i decreased the list of the machines for two

VBM Domobar Super Elettronica

the price in Spain is almost the same

both have pressure profiles
both have E61 and touch display
almost the same size, weight

VBM has a button for starting and ending the process. And has a possibility to manually turn off the second boiler. And has a possibility to change a color of back sides
CREM has bigger boiler for espresso

now i'm trying to compare these two machines and understand "+" and "-" of each
if someone have this moments please share your opinion

thank you


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Some good advice I got - was go to a espresso / coffee equipment store, demo some of the models - most of them will be happy to. Then shop online and find the best deal. If the store will give you the best price take it. Good luck! Hope you find what your looking for.

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I tried to find any store like you wrote in a distance 100 km from me (Between Valencia and Alicante)
and except Nespresso Store didn't find any physical store

so, looks like i will choose only online :)


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I hear you! I had to drive 150km to one.. live north of Toronto - had to drive down lol