I have a Niche Zero, should I buy a Lagom P64?

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#1: Post by Ricci »

Hi coffee folk
I have had a niche zero for about 12 months now. It's doing it's job and I'm pulling some great shots coupled with a Linea Mini, but, am I missing out on the next level up? Will the Lagom P64 provide a noticeable improvement in flavour?


#2: Post by GDK »

The P64 with stock burrs may be close to what the Niche can produce, though you have a choice of 2 or 3 other burrs sets that you can put on the P64 which will give you different taste profiles. It depends on what you prefer and if you would like to explore.

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#3: Post by Chrikelnel »

The stock or HU burrs likely wouldn't be enough of a change to make it worth it, but the MP burrs are very different. Mostly depends on what kinds of coffee you drink or want to drink. If it's darks and darker mediums I'd stick with what you have, if it's lights and lighter mediums the P64 would probably be worth it.

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#4: Post by baristainzmking »

You could consider the DF64 with SSP burrs. It should provide a nice compliment to your Niche, similar to Lagom P64 at a much more reasonable price.

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