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https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B799S2HT?ps ... ct_details

I have been using the Bonavita travel kettle for a few years, and it has work perfectly for me. I do know it will not last forever, but it has been discontinued.

I started seeing collapsable, silicone kettles on Amazon a while back, so I ordered the cheapest one I could find just to see if they would work for me. The HYTRiC kettle is linked above.

It seems to work well on first try. It has some limited "programability", in pre set modes like Boil Water, Boiled Egg, Noodles, Keep Warm, but no variable temp. control. That is fine for my travel set up. All the Bonavita did was boil water and shut off.

I like that it collapses to a nice compact package and has a storage bag. This will free up a little space in my travel kit.

It feels a bit clunky compared to the Bonavita as it is significantly larger when epanded. That also means it has almost double the water capacity than the Bonavita. I'm not sure I'll ever need that extra capacity, but it is there.

Only time will tell about it's durability. At $29.00 USD, I'd say it's a good fit for me. I may look into a "higher quality" version at some point, but I have a feeling these are all produced in the same factory in China with the same internal parts.

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I bought a second Bonavita when I heard that the travel kettle line was going to be discontinued. That kettle is still in the box :mrgreen:.
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