Holiday Wish List 2020 - What has your eye?

Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.

#1: Post by TallDan »

I'm trying to come up with some gift ideas and I see a thread from last year, but not a 2020 thread.

My wishlist is for some accessories and smaller "nice to haves". In my family, we don't typically do large gifts, and I want to ask for things that are easy to shop for, so things like the niche zero or even cafelat robot are out. Some thing that i'm thinking of:

Tamper rests or some other espresso area organization help
Sarah Kaye espresso cups - maybe other cups as well if i can find some that i really like

I'd love to get ideas from others! What's on your wishlist?


#2: Post by Jefe »

I have no wish list this year but maybe I can help out someone who needs a cheap idea. A few years ago, in preparation for an espresso machine, I purchased a "BWT" water filter and pitcher for the ridiculously hard water we have. Before using the filter I would have to descale my pour over kettle twice a month. In the two years I've been using the filters I have not had to descale once. I think the thing is $55 with a pitcher and a few filters and is a HUGE help if you have hard water. Easy little stocking stuffer :D


#3: Post by michael »

IPA cups 8)

Team HB

#4: Post by Jeff »

Definitely cups Are cup size and shape too often everlooked factors?

I've had my eye on, and have successfully resisted long enough that they went out of stock. Phew!

i enjoy my Bodum Barcelona espresso spoons, which only seem to be available outside of the US, at least in Europe.

James Hoffmann just did a video on the Hario Switch and Sibarist papers, which, for me, fall into the "interesting, but too expensive to try on a whim" category.

If you had an E61 machine, I'd add a smart switch, but it looks like you're already enjoying 4-minute warm-up times. for single dosing? (I'm trying a first set out for long-term, in-freezer storage, though have a chamber vacuum sealer)

A coffee-of-the-month subscription, or, if you're into light roasts, something like the La Cabra Discovery subscription (I get 2x250 g with standard, "free" shipping to CA).