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I looked at a couple of threads on milk pitchers and they are outdated. I need advice on a high-end milk pitcher to practice latte art. Thinking about Jibbijug but I am confused with all the options. Things to take in consideration:

- I never make more than 200ml of milk (one cappuccino, if I ever need two I'll do it two times)
- I have no problem with steaming, and I will probably steam in a smaller 300ml pitcher and then transfer to this new pitcher for pouring. I say this because in order to get silky foam anything less than 200 ml in a 300 jug is kind of shallow and makes bubbles). So I am thinking small for foaming and bigger for the pour.
- how big? 420? 400? 380? 600? (these are Jibbijug sizes)
- what type of spout?
- I like no handle options, any reason not to?

I have Motta Europe and I do not why I have problems pouring from it...

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These seem to be trendy these days, but that could just be marketing: https://www.slowpoursupply.co/collections/pour

I'm perfectly happy with the various brands of pitchers that I have, including a Motta Europa. It seems that the trick is to have a pitcher large enough so that the pitcher's tip can get right to the surface of the drink during the pour. For example, I have the 750ml size Europa and it works well with a 175ml/6oz cappuccino cup.

I watched a bunch of WBC routines a few years back - when cappuccinos were mandatory - and the 750ml Europa was the most common pouring pitcher. Confirmation bias assured that my pouring results improved when I got the same pitcher/size.

Good luck!
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I also love my Motta Europa pitchers, but I've got a couple others with narrower pouring tips and that does improve my pouring art a little. Still, most of the latte art quality will come from your pouring technique. Given your typical milk volume, I'd suggest the Fellow pitcher. It's probably my favorite for that volume, followed by the smaller Barista Hustle pitcher, then the Mottas. There are some other brands that look to be really nice, like the one Craig linked to. Depending on how much you're willing to spend, etc, you might want to get something like this...https://samuraishin.com/shop/shinsaku-f ... a-milk-jug, but check out baristaspace.com too

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Thank you guys Ill look into it!


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I *love* my Cafelat pitchers. I have both the small and large (350 and 700 mL I think?). They do have handles, but have a nice curved lip for holding differently too. They're hefty, but steam and pour beautifully.
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