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Hi - I have a Baratza Virtuoso+ that is on its last legs. I had been considering upgrading my grinder because I have a Gaggia Pro espresso machine (with 9 bar mod) to go with my Technivorm. I've loved the grinder for drip, but I have been disappointed in it for espresso. I do drip more frequently, but I'm sure I'd increase my espresso drinking with a better grinder.

I'm looking for a dual purpose grinder for espresso and drip. Could a Baratza Forte BG work? Or the Forte AP? Or are there other ones that could work. I'm not price conscious but would prefer to keep it below $1,500. Thanks!

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You should do some searching as this question has been asked a thousand times and all of the answers can easily be found.

Short answer is that no grinder you put in your post will do the job well.

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One good option would be the Fiorenzato All Ground. The Wired Gourmet has an in depth breakdown on youtube.

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dariusm11 wrote:Could a Baratza Forte BG work?
I use the Forte BG for my drip grinder, but I've also used it for espresso with my Decent DE1. Mine is well aligned, so it's pretty solid for drip. But for blooming shots or faster-flow baskets, it's right at the edge of being able to grind fine enough for espresso.