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#1: Post by dusk »

hi! I'm still new to espresso, but have been a long time pour over guy

gear: weber eg-1, sanremo YOU

I wanted to get a unibasket from Weber but don't know what size.. or, sizes to get

Can someone help me pinpoint the different sizes and use cases?

Like is 20g good for all around double shots (18g into 36ish) and 24 good for larger milk drinks? (the hell is the 28g size for?)

If I want to get into light roast espresso and really fine tune sh** with the EG-1 and YOU, what would be the best basket for precision (16 or 18?), then best size for everyday espresso roasts (16 or 18?), best size for milk drinks (24 or 28?).

I will want the option to use a puck and paper, so have to adjust for height.

Just need some help understanding this bit, from reading I think I'm on the right track?

Thank you!


#2: Post by John49 »

I have the 16g basket, it's 26mm deep, with 16.5g of coffee I have 13mm of space above my puck. I'm using less coffee than I did in both the VST and Pullman baskets.

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#3: Post by Jeff »

If you're new to espresso, I'd leave high-flow baskets out of the picture for a while. That includes VST and Pullman. Learn how conventional baskets work with your coffees and gear.

Then, once you have a "need" for a high-flow basket, you can base it off your experience. Not everyone will have that need, or even a need for a VST or similar basket.

Squarer baskets tend to have more capacity for a given puck thickness than even a cylindrical stamped basket. I pick basket size based on headspace for a given dose.


#4: Post by BaristaBob »

Well 'dusk' you have excellent equipment so once you master the art of espresso, you'll be golden.

The depth of the Weber Unibaskets follows from their website;

Size: 71mm diameter x 24mm (16g), 26mm (20g), 29mm (24g), 31mm (28g) height

Measure the depth of your YOU baskets and this gives you a close comparison, though as Jeff said, these high flow baskets have straight sides.

Once you master the baskets that Sanremo included with the YOU, then try some others, VST or IMS, before moving on to these high flow baskets.
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#5: Post by Znekcihc »

Congrats on that massive upgrade from pour over to EG1 and You. Itll take me at least 10 upgraditus to reach that level.
I agree with the other commenter. Try regular baskets first. Espresso has too many variables to play around with. Master the basics first then play around. Have you tried the nickel test?

dusk (original poster)

#6: Post by dusk (original poster) »

this is all great advice, I'll take you up on it, exactly what I needed to hear



#7: Post by boren »

John49 wrote:I have the 16g basket, it's 26mm deep, with 16.5g of coffee I have 13mm of space above my puck.
What's the minimum amount of coffee you can use and still avoid channeling? Is 14 gram realistic?