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Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.
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#1: Post by LondonBunny »

I currently have LM Micra which fits our small work apartment brilliantly, however, I miss my sping-lever Elektra (my beloved Micra Casa Lever is now with my daughter) and I will put a new lever machine in our back home house, which has more space in the kitchen. I never really got on well with our old La Pavoni Europop, so would prefer another spring-lever.

Hence, I am looking for spring-lever machine recommendations for a shortlist, with the requirements of:
  • Budget up to $5000
  • Max of 9 drinks a day: mostly cappuccinos, lattes or flat whites; 1-3 drinks at one time
  • Good steaming, most drinks will involve frothed milk
  • Quick warm-up, not a machine that will be left on throughout the day; switched on, coffee made, switched off
  • Does not need to be plumbed in
Although this is primarily for milky drinks, we are discerning over our coffee taste; selective with our freshly-roasted coffees (a few light, most medium to darker roasts), and attentive to getting the right/good grind. Don't worry about the grinder, I have a Mazzer Super Jolly to hold me over and will start to think about a substantial upgrade/replacement over time.

So shortlist suggestions please...


#2: Post by Starspawn2318 »

The quick heat up time seems like the limiting factor. Not sure there are too many that will heat up that quick.

You can consider the Argos with its smaller size it probably heats up pretty quick and then honestly your other best options might be one of the hybrid spring levers like the ACS Leva or the Nurri Leva, since those have heater cartridges in the group heads they will be ready within 15 minutes.


#3: Post by mathof »

The newly released Londinium Vectis would seem to tick all your boxes. ... uct_id=351


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#5: Post by BKH »

Consider a Bezzera Strega.

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#6: Post by espressotime »

Ponte Vecchio Export.


#7: Post by erik82 »

Ponte Vecchio doesn't meet the criteria of TS. It makes tiny shots, lacks temperature stability and ability to do real back to back shots with steaming bigger amounts of milk.

I'd say abandon the quick warm-up criteria. Heating a larger machine for 5-6 times a day puts a lot of stress on all of the components. You'll have way more maintenance due to parts failing with all of these cycles then the extra cost for electricity. Searching for a energy efficient lever which you can leave on during a large part of the day would be a wiser move.

A Londinium would tick all of the boxes. You can also have a look at the Profitec Pro 800. The Strega is a hybrid and just can't deliver those "real" lever shots. It's a great machine (I owned one for 3 years) but a Londinium just does a better job. And indeed also look at the newer machnes already mentioned above.
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#8: Post by JB90068 »

Might want to also check out the Nurri. Heat up time is 15 minutes.
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#9: Post by espressotime »

The thought of firing up a beast of an espressomachine early in the morning,pulling a couple of shots, leaving the machine on and going on with your business and pull a couple of shots again three or four hours later ?
In this age of climat change that makes my stomach cringe actually.

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#10: Post by JB90068 »

Many PID machines drop into "eco" mode when not in use which cuts their power consumption significantly but the warm up time is much faster than starting from cold.
Old baristas never die. They just become over extracted.
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