Help with espresso grinder purchase, budget $500-700 CAD

Recommendations for espresso equipment buyers and upgraders.
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#1: Post by DJL »

In the market for a new grinder, upgrading from Ascaso I-steel. I drink exclusively espresso, cappuccinos, lattes. 2-3 in the morning before work. I'm only person at home that drinks espresso. Have another grinder if ever I need to make drip when entertaining.

My budget is limited to $500-700 CAD.

So far these two grinders seem to suit my needs:

Ranchilio Rocky Doserless
Baratza Sette 270

Which do you recommend?


#2: Post by smite »

I have owned both of the grinders on your list and many more. The Sette is hands down a much better grinder in terms of grind quality. The rocky is built like a tank but really is not worth the money for the quality of grind in my opinion.

There is a long thread on the sette which has had some build quality issues in the past but the support with Baratza is great.

You should also consider used, for example in the buy/sell section on these forums there are many much better grinders for sale in your price range. I am selling a K10 myself for not much more than your budget which blows away both of the ones on your list :).

Good luck!

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#3: Post by DJL »

I did some more research and decided to get Eureka's Mignon Specialita. A tad over my budget, but this grinder needs no introduction. Innovative Italian company. Small form factor. Powerful 55mm burrs. Touch screen. The low retention is sweet, especially coming from an Ascaso Isteel.

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#4: Post by slipchuck »

Bezzera BB005 is around $499 at idc
It's very basic but delivers in the cup

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