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#11: Post by Auctor »

Given that you're having bad luck replicating someone's recipe, I suspect it's either the beans or the grinder. How do you store and dose your beans, and when was the last time you took apart your burrs and gave them a nice scrubbing? (My Barista was notorious for having gunked up old coffee lodged everywhere).

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My beans are stored in a Fellow Atmos once the bag is opened in a cool, dry cabinet. And I take apart my Encore about once every 2 months. I just cleaned it last week when I got my fresh beans.

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#13: Post by Auctor »

To confirm, when you opened a fresh bag, did you ever achieve a good pour, or are all attempts bad?

Full disclosure, I don't like Airscape or similar technologies. Opening airscape 2 times a day, make sense to store half the beans in original bag??

I have a BBD in new packaging. I'll give it a try tomorrow and see how it goes. Curious to see if TomC was right all along, and I'm just fishing here. :P

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#14: Post by drH »

Ad mentioned above that he uses the Blue Bottle dripper and the Commandante grinder.
I also have a Commandante (but not the BB dripper) and I find the Commandante better for pour-over than all of my previous conical grinders. If you can invite a friend over to try a different grinder, that may give you some insight as to whether this is the cause.

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Yes, I achieve decent results every once in a while, where I can actually taste some of the notes listed on the bag. The cups I get in between are drinkable, they are just boring.

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#16: Post by Auctor »

Got a chance to unbox my Dripper and give it a whirl.

- dripper vs Hario v60
- 10 grams Black Cat Espresso (2 days opened) and 150 grams of water
- WDT using my Kafatek catch cup as a shaker, then leveling grounds in the filters
- 40 gram initial pour, let it sit for 30 seconds, then 40g, 40g, 30g, as the water level came close to the grounds
- draw down times within 10 seconds of each other (so dripper was more coarsely ground to compensate for flat bottom)

- to my palate, at various temperatures in the cup, from hot to room temp, both tasted incredibly similar to each other

Conclusion - if the problem isn't the coffee beans themselves (and you've said that you have had good cups in the past), I might suggest trying to WDT the grounds prior to pouring the water. If you already do that as well, it comes down to your grinder - you may have reached the grinder's limitations in relation to your palate.

Edit: I am not suggesting you run out and buy a new grinder. Heck, just trying a V60 for $15 might solve your problem, and definitely worth a shot. That said, I feel like your situation is similar to mine and was eventually resolved by upping the grinder.