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So here I am looking for recommendations!

I've been in the RCAF (Royal Canadian Air Force) for 17 years and been through multiple postings. This past October my family was moved from Ontario to British Columbia. During the move my rocket r60v was damaged beyond repair by the moving company.

The internals of the machine still work but the frame/casing is so bent that a full rebuild would be required. My local rocket dealer in Vancouver has stated that the cost of repairs is so significant that they won't bother doing it. So currently I can still make espresso but the machine vibrates so much that I have to constantly adjust the cup to stay under the grouphead.

After 3 months of fighting with United Van lines and calling their president directly, I was paid out the "depreciatied value" of $3000. I sold a bunch of collectibles and have $8k for a machine.

What do you all recommend?

Ive looked at the lelit Bianca V3 but it doesn't check all the boxes and the Crem One profiler (which does check all the boxes) isn't available through whole latte love in Canada - only the USA. Both Crem international and WLL have stated that if I import a machine into Canada it will have zero warranty.

Dream machine? LMLM with an EMP mod - too expensive. GS3 is also too expensive.

Sanremo you and Victoria Arduino eagle one both seem to have reliability issues and the Dalla Corte Mina is also too expensive.

Not interested in the Decent products at all.

I should add that while the nurri and Vostok levers seem to also check all the boxes, I don't think I have the space for one. I wish levers had shorter arms.

Anyways, looking for programmable/controllable preinfusion, profiling (pressure or flow), dual boiler etc.


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I'd be happy with a Bianca/Synchronika/Pro for an E61 box. The Micra hopefully will get profiling from some third party, similar to the Mini.

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KvdW Speedster.

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First, thank-you for your service.

Second, buy Canadian :wink:

More realistically, the GS/3 MP is $8k ... unless you are thinking in CAD$; $8k CAD = $6k USD

I'm not familiar with the E-61 market, but in Canada, I would look at a Vibiemme like the VBM Domobar Super Digital or Electronic. However, these are pressure control (gear pump), not flow control, and there doesn't seem to be stock at some dealers.

Good luck!
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brooksie967 (original poster)

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Yessir, CAD. I'd really love a gs3. There's one here on the bst, in Canada but across the country. It's a few years old and A LITTLE over budget. I think the guy is reluctant to ship it. I did speak to him on IG though.

brooksie967 (original poster)

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espressotime wrote:8K?
KvdW Speedster.
That would be really really cool. The ones i can find in Canada are $18,000 though

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I haven't seen a KvdW Speedster Idromatic that can be dropped at my door for less than almost $25,000CND - Tax in!
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How goes your search? From what I'm reading, a Linea Micra is awfully tempting. Also note there is a 2019 Synchronika on the used boards. It's in Canada--only almost all the way across the country.

If my resources were different, I'd go to great lengths for a Lapera. Don't know what their current story is.
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brooksie967 wrote:
I should add that while the nurri and Vostok levers seem to also check all the boxes, I don't think I have the space for one. I wish levers had shorter arms.
Actually the lever arm will stick out in front so the machine will fit under most ordinary kitchen cabinets with space to spare. The only impediment is that in order to open tbe kitchen cabinet door directly over the lever, you will meed to pull down the lever handle first. This was the case even with the Izzo pompei that i owned before i bought the nurri and the izzo is significantly bigger. I used it happily for many years and the fact it was under a kitchen cabinet did not impede me. Hence i wouldnt let space stop me from considering a lever if i were you.

For your budget of 8k (USD?), i dont think there is anything that will match what a hybrid lever like the nurri will offer. Once you try a lever, many people have found they lost the desire for a pump machine - and the nurri improves on all the things where a traditional spring lever doesnt do so well. There is now a canadian distributor for nurri that carries the nurri and will provide service and maintenance support for it. ... zebra-wood
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