Help me identify this grinder

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#1: Post by Chinoagreda »

can anybody help me identify this grinder? only have this pictures but seller dont know brand or model.



#2: Post by DamianWarS replying to Chinoagreda »

looks like some sort of Faema with conical burrs. the horizontal line design doesn't seem to be common and I can't find one that matches it exactly but it's also in rough shape. it would be nice to see the shape of the hopper to identify it better. At the back you can barely see the conical burrs, at the front It has a manual doser, there should be a lever on one side that rotates the doser to release a dose and it also increments a counter (you can see the counter in the first picture at the bottom of the doser) for reference this Faema grinder seems very similar